Book review: The Darkest Part of the Forest

As many of you know, I read a lot. In fact, I’m getting dangerously close to having read 120 books this year … almost doubling my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2015.

Since I’m such a prolific reader, and because I now realize the importance of book reviews, I want to try to write more reviews for the stuff I read. More importantly, I want to start writing them as soon as I finish the book. I’m a horrible procrastinator, and if I wait, chances are I’ll have read eight books between the one I wanted to review and the actual writing of the review – which could prove confusing as I try to remember the key topics I wanted to discuss about that book ‘I read ages ago’.

That said, here’s my first attempt at a short and sweet book review for the fantasy novel I just finished reading today. Thoughts, comments, and/or suggestions are extremely welcome!

  • Title: The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
  • Genre: Fantasy

A girl who wants to be a knight, the brother whose music can stop a monster in its tracks, a changeling who wants nothing more than to be human, and a fairy prince cursed into an enchanted sleep within a glass coffin.

Not your typical fairy tale – or is it?DPofF

Much like the original, original fairy tales, The Darkest Part of the Forest has plenty of darkness. Plenty of beautiful inhuman creatures willing trick you – or grind your bones to dust. There is death, and intrigue, and plot twists galore.

There’s also two incredibly sweet love stories weaved in, one of which I definitely didn’t see coming – but I loved it all the same. I believe the words, “Awwww, how adorable!” may have spilled out involuntarily. Nothing explicit, just kisses and cute little confessions. I don’t mean to demean the story or anything, but the romance was sweet – not passionate or fiery or sultry. And I loved it!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Fantasy readers, anyone who loves fairy tales (typical or otherwise), and even fans of suspense or horror might find this book captivating. Granted, I didn’t find it particularly horrific, but I don’t know how good of a judge I am on horror content – I’ve read some gruesome stuff … sometimes with dinner. *shrugs* I’m weird.

Two disclaimers:

First – there is gay romance in the story. If you’re phobic, you’ve been warned, but again – it’s very mild and sweet.

Second – the author likes to switch characters or time frames mid-action. I found it mildly off-putting, but as a whole, it worked. If anything, I found it hilarious because I do it in my own writing: write an epic cliffhanger chapter ending – start next chapter with a different character.


3 thoughts on “Book review: The Darkest Part of the Forest

  1. I had to skim the review because I don’t like to read reviews of books I have on my TBR most of the time (oxymoronic, ain’t it? Sigh), but I find that the easiest thing for me to do after I finish a book (and gather myself, if it was a really good book, you know what I mean?) is grab my phone and jot down my immediate thoughts as a short Goodreads “review” and then go back and write a slightly longer one for a blog post later.

    It really helps me to sort my thoughts out at the end of the month when I do my “wrap-ups” (sometimes, a month can seem like such a long time!).

  2. I do the same as above except I write it in a notebook I carry around with me and jot down notes as I’m reading too. This books looks really interesting. I like your review and there doesn’t seem to be any spoilers in there like many reviews I’ve come across. *Thumbs up!*

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