Progress report – and another review for UnBlessed!

I’m happy to announce that after a rough start, I’m now back to my 1,500 word habit a day – just in time for NaNo! My third manuscript is sitting around 34,000 words right now, and I’m definitely still in the beginning. It’s maybe about a third of the way there, depending on how far I want to take events and how much I want to flesh out the budding relationships. Yes, relationships plural – and I’m not just talking about romance here. How’s that for a vague teaser? 😉

I’ve already found one quote that I plan to share in November (ooh, it’s a good one!) and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more. I’m starting to worry that my writing doesn’t have lines that really stick with the reader, or at least none that aren’t potential spoilers. I need to comb through my previous volumes and see what jumps out at me.

Do any of my readers out there have a favorite line or quote they’d like to share? Spoiler-free, please; we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises for anyone else! 🙂

Speaking of previous volumes, I have some exciting (for me, anyway) news: UnBlessed received another five star review on Amazon! This fan really brightened my day with their kind words:

Six stars should be an option for a book like this. There was not a dull moment on this twisting and turning adventure of a book. This one will always be on my display shelf and on the top of my list for recommendations to friends!!

Seriously, you should see my face right now. I haven’t stopped smiling all day! It makes me happy when someone enjoys my books, and even happier when they take the time to tell the world about it. Thank you, mysterious stranger, and I appreciate your support! 😀

(Yes, the featured image is me. Specifically, me in Disney World about two years ago. And yes, that expression fits what I’m feeling right now.)


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