UnBlessed is now a book award finalist!

Yes, my friends, you heard that right!

UnBlessed was recently selected as a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards! What I found most exciting is that this particular award is NOT a popularity contest. My book went out to various members of my target audience (aka, a few high schools, since I’m in the Teen Category) and the readers voted and ranked.

This is an incredible opportunity. To be selected as a finalist, I had to score over 30/40 points in editing, style, cover, and theme. The winners will be announced in April, but even just making finalist is a huge deal! I get a gorgeous award seal (see below) to plaster all over my blog and book and Facebook page (because, why not?) AND I’ll be featured on the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award website for two years. Plus, there’s a ton of other cool things in store … potential Goodreads promotion, inclusion in a press release sent to major literary magazines, even the opportunity to be discovered by a publisher!

Needless to say, I’ll keep all you wonderful people updated as soon as I know anything (you guys are getting this post literally two hours after I read the email) so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I want to thank my editor and cover designer for helping me get to this point: James and Winter, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you guys. I mean, EDITING and COVER – you guys helped me score two out of three categories! Thank you thank you thank you!

And for all my fans – thanks for sticking with me. Great things are bound to be in store for Myrillia, and it means the world to me that you’ve all been along since the start!

Now, behold my new shiny award seal!

[BONUS] Read and Review: UNBLESSED by CRYSTIN GOODWIN #BookReview #Fantasy

A great review of UnBlessed by the wonderful Judith of Read and Review 2016!
Title: UnBlessed Published: 2015 Author: Crystin Goodwin Started: Tuesday 14th June 2016 Finished: Tuesday 21st June 2016 UnBlessed is a fantasy story set in the magical land of Myrillia. There is an ongoing rivalry between the Meliors, those who believe in Elements and can use special gifts once they are Blessed, and the Transeaturs, an […]


Author signing event recap!

Author signing event recap!

First, I’d like to say I’m incredibly sorry for the dso many people!elay on posting a recap of my first ever book signing. I may have gotten a little over-excited and posted pictures on my personal Facebook page … and then promptly forgot that I had other social media outlet
s eagerly awaiting news.

So yeah … Sorry. >.<

If you couldn’t tell from the above statement, the author signing event went spectacularly! I had a good number of people show up to support me (around 30 or so, characters with their respective booksI forgot to keep count – but still a great number for an unknown author like me) and even had a few fans show up in costume!

Out of the 26 print books I took with me (yes, odd number, I know) I sold 24 – a completely unexpected success. Most of my research prior to the event said I’d be lucky to sell five copies. Some even went to complete strangers! It helped that the venue (Half Price Books) had a great sale going on, and the store was packed. And since I was right by the front door, I had the perfect opportunity to chat to a lot of potential readers. Of course, I also had a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t have fun living their dream?

Fan photobomb

.All in all, I had the time of my life. I’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who attended: your support and enthusiasm made all my effort totally worth it!

my crew

Great friends and fun times.

And for those who couldn’t make it, never fear! I had so much fun with my first author event, I can’t wait to plan the next. Keep an eye on my blog (or subscribe to my newsletter) for future events!












Last day for your free copy of UnBlessed!

Today marks the final day of my sale for UnBlessed, the first book in my Blessings of Myrillia series: if you haven’t gotten your free kindle copy from Amazon, you might want to grab it before the price jumps back to $2.99.

After all, the third book is coming out in – get this – two weeks!

I’m a little excited, if you couldn’t tell. 😀

So yes, grab that first book while it doesn’t cost anything. Maybe check back next week for some deals on Fire Blessed … and definitely take a minute to read this spoiler-free excerpt from UnBlessed. This excerpt explains what, exactly, a Blessing is … and might possibly hint at the central character of book three. 😉

It was Lucien’s turn. Kisara watched as he walked to the Fire Shrine, noting how stiffly he moved. He’s still worried, she thought to herself, and sent a brief prayer that he would be Blessed by one of the first Elements.

Yet again, Fire found another candidate unworthy, and Lucien took a deep breath before continuing on to the Water Shrine. However, when he thrust his hands into the basin of water, there was a brilliant white light—even brighter than the others before it. After it cleared, Lucien stood in a white circle. His tunic turned a pale, shimmering blue, his hair a silvery white. Kisara clapped her hands in joy for her friend and gasped when he turned to grin at her. Unda had favored Lucien strongly; indeed, with his eyes turning the pale blue of snow shadows, it was obvious to see the extent of his Blessing. Lucien was an Ice Blessed! The ring of white surrounding him was frost, Kisara realized, and as she looked closer, she noticed the waterfall had frozen solid.

Sparkly UnBlessed

Free ebook, anyone?

Free ebook, anyone?

Yup, you read that right. To celebrate the upcoming release of Ice Blessed, I’m giving away free kindle copies of my first book, UnBlessed. It’s the perfect time to dive into the Blessings of Myrillia series, which readers have called, ‘a wonderfully refreshing tale’ with ‘lovely and crisp writing.’

While the series is definitely high fantasy – set on another world – there is a pretty decent amount of romance woven into the typical fantasy journey. Here’s an example:

They stared at each other, still close enough to feel the other’s breath. Lucien’s hand dropped to her shoulder, his eyes dropping to her mouth.

Kisara’s breath hitched—was he going to try and kiss her? He shouldn’t. They were just friends. Weren’t they? Emotions battled within her, and she stood rooted to the spot.

Talk about romantic tension. Wonder what happens next …? Well, hop on over to Amazon and grab your free kindle copy to find out today!


UnBlessed Excerpt

UnBlessed Excerpt

The sale for UnBlessed is still underway and going strong: it’s already at #11 on the Amazon charts.

You can still snag your free kindle copy from Amazon here! Already have your copy? Well, tell your friends and family! What better time to give a new author a try than when it doesn’t cost you a thing? Besides, you can read kindle files for free on almost every digital device these days …

Not sure if UnBlessed is for you? Not sold on the description on Amazon? Here’s a spoiler-free excerpt about one of the main characters: Sebastian, a shape-shifting Transeatur.

Sebastian ran for what felt like hours, but might have only been minutes, when suddenly—gloriously—everything seemed to come together as he leapt over a fallen log. Mid-leap, he shifted smoothly and landed on the other side on all four paws. He felt the full presence of his Guardian Spirit stretching luxuriously, and together, the two of them continued forward as one. Sebastian reveled in his new body, the coiled power, the heightened senses, his fluid grace. The presence of his Spirit calmed Sebastian, erasing the earlier frustration immediately. He knew instinctively that his Spirit would always be present—not intrusive—but effectively a part of him: almost like an alter ego that knew how best to use this new body of his effectively.

If you’ve already picked up a copy and shared this post (or one of the others like it), why not take a moment to write a short review on Amazon? Reviews are a writer’s best friend, after all!

Side note: UnBlessed is now up to 26 reviews on Amazon!

Twenty-three days and counting.

Twenty-three days and counting.

Can you believe it’s almost May already? I certainly can’t!

That isn’t a complaint by any means. I’m incredibly thrilled that May is almost here, because that means the release of Ice Blessed is almost here too!

My wonderful newsletter subscribers should have gotten an extra special issue on April 20th with an exclusive sneak peek at the new novel. If you haven’t already, do make sure to subscribe on the right (or on my Facebook page) and I’ll be sure to send you the latest letter with the first chapter excerpt. I planned to share the first chapter here as well, then I realized: there are a few potential spoilers in that first chapter for those who haven’t read UnBlessed or Fire Blessed. Oh, you can read the entire book out of context and probably be able to follow along, but you won’t get the same punch in the gut at the epic reveals throughout the book. That’s why I’m running my sale on the first two books before the newest volume launches.

If you want to catch up on the series free of charge, be sure to check Amazon on May 2 through May 6 to get a free kindle copy of UnBlessed, and May 9 through May 13 for Fire Blessed. This is a great time to start or share the series (I mean, come on: free eBooks) and you don’t even have to own a kindle to read them. There is a free kindle app for most smartphones, tablets, and even PC. I’d love to offer free paperbacks for the traditional folks, but I haven’t found a free source of ink and paper. (That said, those traditional folks should really sign up for my newsletter … there may or may not be a special coupon code in the next issue.)

One other exciting piece of news I wanted to share … UnBlessed now has 25 reviews on Amazon! This is an amazing milestone, guys. Reviews sell books – and I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the number of positive reviews I’ve received. I’ve already done my victory dance … now to wait for 50. 😀

By the way, I can’t stress the importance of reviews enough, especially for unknown authors like myself. If you’ve read my books, do please take a moment to write a short review: even if you didn’t like it. Granted, don’t be mean! But take a second to mention what worked for you or what didn’t … and by golly, if you did enjoy my stories let other readers know! Even a simple “I liked it, easy to read and interesting.” is better than nothing. This is one situation where no news (or reviews) is bad news. 😛

Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

A random assortment of words to describe the incredible new images I have to share today.

By now, all of you should know that I have two books published, with a third due out in May. They are all part of my fantasy series, the Blessings of Myrillia – and judging by the reviews so far, they’ve been very well received by the public.

Last year, the illustrious Winter Bayne agreed to design new covers for my little series … and she created what I believe to be incredibly epic images. You may have seen these beauties before.

But you haven’t seen them like this:

Sparkly UnBlessed

The sparkle!



The bling!

sparkly ice blessed

The dazzle!










Look at these beauties! Aren’t they incredible? I swear, they give me goosebumps.

Now excuse me while I figure out how to pin these to my sidebar … ooh, or maybe put them on my books page!

Fan art Friday!!!

Fan art Friday!!!

I am so excited to share this information with you guys!!!

Now granted, I’m using ‘art’ in the broadest sense of the word – but the fact still remains that I (or rather, my world) inspired another person to create something.

The first piece I’ll be showing you today also happens to be the first fan art I’ve personally received. (For those keeping track, the last two images I shared were given to a coworker, who happens to be a fan of my work.)

A very dear friend made this bowl by hand for my Christmas present. A few of the Elements from my novels, as well as the covers themselves, inspired the design.

Needless to say, I was thrilled speechless when I opened it.

If you look really close at the middle image above, you can see she even personalized the bottom before firing it!

A huge thanks goes out to Natalie for this priceless gift: I have it sitting right next to my laptop, alongside my birthday coffee cup that ‘overfloweth with the tears of my readers’. Two of my most prized possessions … which, coincidentally, provide a huge boost to enthusiasm and morale when I’m writing. 😀

The second piece of fan-made love is something I can only announce, rather than share. For the moment anyway: I’m trying to wear her down until she gives in and lets me post it permanently on the site.

A new book-loving coworker started at my store in January (score says me, the avid reading enthusiast as well as author), and she devoured my first two books. As in, read each book the day she got them. Not only that – but she fell so in love with one of my characters that she wrote a song about them.

Ahem. Let me say that again:

She wrote a song about a character from one of my books.

My jaw hit the ground when she told me. Not only that, but she’s a music major in college. She knows what she’s doing. Trust me; I got to listen to it.

Which is why I’m now sending her email spam until she allows me to share it with the world.

Very friendly, very polite email spam.

I’m also not above begging in public forums and letting other fans ask to listen to the (in my humble opinion) beautiful song about Renelle.

Those of you who’ve read the books: don’t you want to hear a song about Renelle? An incredibly sweet, inspiring song … if so, beg with me in the comments.

Please, Olivia? Please, please, please can we all listen to Renelle’s song?

(Heaven help her if I ever remember to ask for her phone number … XD)