[BONUS] Read and Review: UNBLESSED by CRYSTIN GOODWIN #BookReview #Fantasy

A great review of UnBlessed by the wonderful Judith of Read and Review 2016!
Title: UnBlessed Published: 2015 Author: Crystin Goodwin Started: Tuesday 14th June 2016 Finished: Tuesday 21st June 2016 UnBlessed is a fantasy story set in the magical land of Myrillia. There is an ongoing rivalry between the Meliors, those who believe in Elements and can use special gifts once they are Blessed, and the Transeaturs, an […]


Author signing event recap!

Author signing event recap!

First, I’d like to say I’m incredibly sorry for the dso many people!elay on posting a recap of my first ever book signing. I may have gotten a little over-excited and posted pictures on my personal Facebook page … and then promptly forgot that I had other social media outlet
s eagerly awaiting news.

So yeah … Sorry. >.<

If you couldn’t tell from the above statement, the author signing event went spectacularly! I had a good number of people show up to support me (around 30 or so, characters with their respective booksI forgot to keep count – but still a great number for an unknown author like me) and even had a few fans show up in costume!

Out of the 26 print books I took with me (yes, odd number, I know) I sold 24 – a completely unexpected success. Most of my research prior to the event said I’d be lucky to sell five copies. Some even went to complete strangers! It helped that the venue (Half Price Books) had a great sale going on, and the store was packed. And since I was right by the front door, I had the perfect opportunity to chat to a lot of potential readers. Of course, I also had a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t have fun living their dream?

Fan photobomb

.All in all, I had the time of my life. I’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who attended: your support and enthusiasm made all my effort totally worth it!

my crew

Great friends and fun times.

And for those who couldn’t make it, never fear! I had so much fun with my first author event, I can’t wait to plan the next. Keep an eye on my blog (or subscribe to my newsletter) for future events!












Happy book birthday to me!

Happy book birthday to me!

Hooray!!! Fire Blessed has turned one … and the wait is finally over: Ice Blessed is now available for you wonderful folks to discover!

The pages are still a little wonky on Amazon (the eBook and the paperback haven’t linked yet, and the paperback doesn’t have the correct ‘buy now’ button) but here are some easy to follow clicks so you can snag your copy today.

I hope all of you love this new book as much as I loved writing it. There are dozens of scenes that I simply adored, but all of them are spoiler heavy. :/

So I’ll just leave you with this one last teaser; this one last glimpse of the romance that a few of my beta readers adored. 😀



Final day for a free eBook!

Final day for a free eBook!

Today marks the last day you can pick up your free kindle copy of Fire Blessed, the second book in my Blessings of Myrillia series … So head over to Amazon before it’s too late!

Not only is Fire Blessed a great book, it also happens to be my longest (so far), which means you’re getting a great deal when you snag it for free. Over 500 pages of intrigue, action, and a sweet love story … like this:

Renelle groaned, closing her eyes as she buried her face in her hands. Oh, Spirits help her. All this time, she thought she had been so careful. Had been practical, excusing her feelings because he gave her a place to live. A reason to live. She gave a hysterical laugh. Oh, he gave her a reason to live, all right. It just wasn’t the same as it was seven years ago. No, now he was her reason for living. When had his well-being become more important than her own? When had she let herself fall in love?

So go grab that copy of Fire Blessed today, before it jumps back up to $4.99!

After all, book three comes out in a week. Oh, yeah. Here’s the preorder page if you want to have a seamless transition from Fire to Ice. 🙂


Remember, Fire Blessed received a Reader’s Favorite Five-Star review and hit#1 in its category on the Amazon Free Bestsellers List!


Fire Blessed Excerpt

Fire Blessed Excerpt

The other day, I mentioned that Fire Blessed was my favorite novel in the series (again, gasp!) A good portion of that is due to the character development that went into this book. My two favorite characters of all time receive their spotlight in this book – so much spotlight I almost feel bad for the actual main characters of the series. However, since the backstory of these two characters play a major role in upcoming events, I feel justified in my choices.

One of the characters, Marius Caleo, is my all-time favorite character in the series. Oh, sure, my others jump up to the same level occasionally, but there’s just something about my loveable jerk that always brings me back. (Spoiler alert, Marius isn’t exactly a nice guy. He’s a bad boy. Whether or not he gets redeemed is still up in the air …)

Here’s an excerpt showing some pretty intense action with Marius … whch might give you a hint of his personality. Those who’ve read UnBlessed might recognize the other combatant in this scene …

Ooh. Wonder what Marius did to set him off? Guess you’ll have to jump over to Amazon and pick up your free kindle copy to find out!


Big sale number two!

Are you ready for this?!

For the first time since publication, Fire Blessed is free on kindle for a limited time!

Fire Blessed is the second novel in my Blessings of Myrillia series. I strongly recommend reading UnBlessed to familiarize yourself with my high fantasy world (and prevent spoilers) but it is possible to read Fire Blessed on its own.

Personally, I think Fire Blessed is my favorite book so far. (GASP! Bad book mommy!) Filled with an epic love story, along with plenty of action and intrigue, I frequently get lost in the world every time I pick it up. (Yes, I’ve reread this one a lot. Not sure if that’s narcissistic or not.)

Fortunately, I received a bit of validation with Fire Blessed. Back in February, it received a Reader’s Favorite 5 Star review – a pretty awesome milestone, if you ask me.

So why not pick up your own copy while it’s free? I mean, come on. Who can resist a cover like this?


Disclaimer: Kindle covers won’t have the epic flameglow. Sorry.


Twenty-three days and counting.

Twenty-three days and counting.

Can you believe it’s almost May already? I certainly can’t!

That isn’t a complaint by any means. I’m incredibly thrilled that May is almost here, because that means the release of Ice Blessed is almost here too!

My wonderful newsletter subscribers should have gotten an extra special issue on April 20th with an exclusive sneak peek at the new novel. If you haven’t already, do make sure to subscribe on the right (or on my Facebook page) and I’ll be sure to send you the latest letter with the first chapter excerpt. I planned to share the first chapter here as well, then I realized: there are a few potential spoilers in that first chapter for those who haven’t read UnBlessed or Fire Blessed. Oh, you can read the entire book out of context and probably be able to follow along, but you won’t get the same punch in the gut at the epic reveals throughout the book. That’s why I’m running my sale on the first two books before the newest volume launches.

If you want to catch up on the series free of charge, be sure to check Amazon on May 2 through May 6 to get a free kindle copy of UnBlessed, and May 9 through May 13 for Fire Blessed. This is a great time to start or share the series (I mean, come on: free eBooks) and you don’t even have to own a kindle to read them. There is a free kindle app for most smartphones, tablets, and even PC. I’d love to offer free paperbacks for the traditional folks, but I haven’t found a free source of ink and paper. (That said, those traditional folks should really sign up for my newsletter … there may or may not be a special coupon code in the next issue.)

One other exciting piece of news I wanted to share … UnBlessed now has 25 reviews on Amazon! This is an amazing milestone, guys. Reviews sell books – and I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the number of positive reviews I’ve received. I’ve already done my victory dance … now to wait for 50. 😀

By the way, I can’t stress the importance of reviews enough, especially for unknown authors like myself. If you’ve read my books, do please take a moment to write a short review: even if you didn’t like it. Granted, don’t be mean! But take a second to mention what worked for you or what didn’t … and by golly, if you did enjoy my stories let other readers know! Even a simple “I liked it, easy to read and interesting.” is better than nothing. This is one situation where no news (or reviews) is bad news. 😛

Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

A random assortment of words to describe the incredible new images I have to share today.

By now, all of you should know that I have two books published, with a third due out in May. They are all part of my fantasy series, the Blessings of Myrillia – and judging by the reviews so far, they’ve been very well received by the public.

Last year, the illustrious Winter Bayne agreed to design new covers for my little series … and she created what I believe to be incredibly epic images. You may have seen these beauties before.

But you haven’t seen them like this:

Sparkly UnBlessed

The sparkle!



The bling!

sparkly ice blessed

The dazzle!










Look at these beauties! Aren’t they incredible? I swear, they give me goosebumps.

Now excuse me while I figure out how to pin these to my sidebar … ooh, or maybe put them on my books page!

The subtle art of editing.


You may laugh, but I’ve literally found myself doing this a lot – squished cheeks and all. Generally while I’m trying to think of body language other than ‘blinking in confusion’ or ’tilting a head in curiosity.’ Why must my characters always be confused or curious?! Oh, that’s right, because I decided to have an entire society built around lies … *heavy sigh* I guess I only have myself to blame.

However, despite my new proficiency at staring blankly at my computer screen, the first round of edits for Ice Blessed are almost complete! Only about forty more pages to go (and a handful of really stubborn sections that are bugging me) and then I can order a proof for test reading.

You might wonder how many rounds of editing I go through. Well, after this initial run, I’ll read through one more time to make sure I didn’t delete or adjust anything that affects existing sentence or plot structure. Then, once I have a print copy, I’ll read it again (in physcial form) to spot typos: believe it or not, you catch more – or at least, different – issues in a physical copy versus a digital version. I have no idea why, but I’ve not only read this advice but noticed it firsthand! So I always read the print copy before publishing. Finally, I’ll read the book out loud to myself – generally when I’m home alone with my cat. It’s awkward to read anything out loud with my hubby around: I feel like I’m back in high school reading for the whole class.

*gasp* Wait, aren’t author readings a big thing? Like, where I read my work to fans?!

I might be reading this one out loud a few times. Pieces of it, at least.

In other news, I thought I’d warn … er, inform the general public that I’ll be having a sale on my existing kindle books in May. If you know anyone who’d like to try the series completely free, send them to Amazon.com: UnBlessed will be free May 2-6 and Fire Blessed (for the first time ever!) will be free May 9-13.

Again, this is only for the kindle version of both books, and I’m giving you nearly a month’s advance notice. But it’s a great time to share a new fantasy series with your friends, coworkers, and family … and the sale gives new readers a couple weeks to catch up before the release of Ice Blessed! I wanted everyone to have a chance to save the dates on their calendars … if they wanted.

Don’t worry, I’ll remind all of you as May approaches. In the meantime, here’s bookmark number two. 😀




Fan art Friday!!!

Fan art Friday!!!

I am so excited to share this information with you guys!!!

Now granted, I’m using ‘art’ in the broadest sense of the word – but the fact still remains that I (or rather, my world) inspired another person to create something.

The first piece I’ll be showing you today also happens to be the first fan art I’ve personally received. (For those keeping track, the last two images I shared were given to a coworker, who happens to be a fan of my work.)

A very dear friend made this bowl by hand for my Christmas present. A few of the Elements from my novels, as well as the covers themselves, inspired the design.

Needless to say, I was thrilled speechless when I opened it.

If you look really close at the middle image above, you can see she even personalized the bottom before firing it!

A huge thanks goes out to Natalie for this priceless gift: I have it sitting right next to my laptop, alongside my birthday coffee cup that ‘overfloweth with the tears of my readers’. Two of my most prized possessions … which, coincidentally, provide a huge boost to enthusiasm and morale when I’m writing. 😀

The second piece of fan-made love is something I can only announce, rather than share. For the moment anyway: I’m trying to wear her down until she gives in and lets me post it permanently on the site.

A new book-loving coworker started at my store in January (score says me, the avid reading enthusiast as well as author), and she devoured my first two books. As in, read each book the day she got them. Not only that – but she fell so in love with one of my characters that she wrote a song about them.

Ahem. Let me say that again:

She wrote a song about a character from one of my books.

My jaw hit the ground when she told me. Not only that, but she’s a music major in college. She knows what she’s doing. Trust me; I got to listen to it.

Which is why I’m now sending her email spam until she allows me to share it with the world.

Very friendly, very polite email spam.

I’m also not above begging in public forums and letting other fans ask to listen to the (in my humble opinion) beautiful song about Renelle.

Those of you who’ve read the books: don’t you want to hear a song about Renelle? An incredibly sweet, inspiring song … if so, beg with me in the comments.

Please, Olivia? Please, please, please can we all listen to Renelle’s song?

(Heaven help her if I ever remember to ask for her phone number … XD)