Last day for your free copy of UnBlessed!

Today marks the final day of my sale for UnBlessed, the first book in my Blessings of Myrillia series: if you haven’t gotten your free kindle copy from Amazon, you might want to grab it before the price jumps back to $2.99.

After all, the third book is coming out in – get this – two weeks!

I’m a little excited, if you couldn’t tell. 😀

So yes, grab that first book while it doesn’t cost anything. Maybe check back next week for some deals on Fire Blessed … and definitely take a minute to read this spoiler-free excerpt from UnBlessed. This excerpt explains what, exactly, a Blessing is … and might possibly hint at the central character of book three. 😉

It was Lucien’s turn. Kisara watched as he walked to the Fire Shrine, noting how stiffly he moved. He’s still worried, she thought to herself, and sent a brief prayer that he would be Blessed by one of the first Elements.

Yet again, Fire found another candidate unworthy, and Lucien took a deep breath before continuing on to the Water Shrine. However, when he thrust his hands into the basin of water, there was a brilliant white light—even brighter than the others before it. After it cleared, Lucien stood in a white circle. His tunic turned a pale, shimmering blue, his hair a silvery white. Kisara clapped her hands in joy for her friend and gasped when he turned to grin at her. Unda had favored Lucien strongly; indeed, with his eyes turning the pale blue of snow shadows, it was obvious to see the extent of his Blessing. Lucien was an Ice Blessed! The ring of white surrounding him was frost, Kisara realized, and as she looked closer, she noticed the waterfall had frozen solid.

Sparkly UnBlessed

Free ebook, anyone?

Free ebook, anyone?

Yup, you read that right. To celebrate the upcoming release of Ice Blessed, I’m giving away free kindle copies of my first book, UnBlessed. It’s the perfect time to dive into the Blessings of Myrillia series, which readers have called, ‘a wonderfully refreshing tale’ with ‘lovely and crisp writing.’

While the series is definitely high fantasy – set on another world – there is a pretty decent amount of romance woven into the typical fantasy journey. Here’s an example:

They stared at each other, still close enough to feel the other’s breath. Lucien’s hand dropped to her shoulder, his eyes dropping to her mouth.

Kisara’s breath hitched—was he going to try and kiss her? He shouldn’t. They were just friends. Weren’t they? Emotions battled within her, and she stood rooted to the spot.

Talk about romantic tension. Wonder what happens next …? Well, hop on over to Amazon and grab your free kindle copy to find out today!


UnBlessed Excerpt

UnBlessed Excerpt

The sale for UnBlessed is still underway and going strong: it’s already at #11 on the Amazon charts.

You can still snag your free kindle copy from Amazon here! Already have your copy? Well, tell your friends and family! What better time to give a new author a try than when it doesn’t cost you a thing? Besides, you can read kindle files for free on almost every digital device these days …

Not sure if UnBlessed is for you? Not sold on the description on Amazon? Here’s a spoiler-free excerpt about one of the main characters: Sebastian, a shape-shifting Transeatur.

Sebastian ran for what felt like hours, but might have only been minutes, when suddenly—gloriously—everything seemed to come together as he leapt over a fallen log. Mid-leap, he shifted smoothly and landed on the other side on all four paws. He felt the full presence of his Guardian Spirit stretching luxuriously, and together, the two of them continued forward as one. Sebastian reveled in his new body, the coiled power, the heightened senses, his fluid grace. The presence of his Spirit calmed Sebastian, erasing the earlier frustration immediately. He knew instinctively that his Spirit would always be present—not intrusive—but effectively a part of him: almost like an alter ego that knew how best to use this new body of his effectively.

If you’ve already picked up a copy and shared this post (or one of the others like it), why not take a moment to write a short review on Amazon? Reviews are a writer’s best friend, after all!

Side note: UnBlessed is now up to 26 reviews on Amazon!

Only one more day left!

Have you managed to pick up a free kindle copy of UnBlessed yet? Well, what are you waiting for? The sale ends Friday 9/25! Even worse, I don’t remember the exact time the sale ends, so procrastinators probably shouldn’t wait past 10 PM EST. I mean, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a free book, would you? Especially one that has reviews saying stuff like this:

I loved way too many things about UnBlessed to fit into this review.

or maybe this:

Possibly the next rising star of fantasy authors?!

or my personal favorite:

I could tell you…

I mean it. There’s a reason I’ve hit #4 in my category on the Amazon Free Bestseller list … twice. Go take a look at the reviews. I don’t have many, but hey, quality over quantity! At least, I think that still applies to book reviews. Of course, any of you who’ve already read UnBlessed can feel free to add your own opinions about the book, here or on Amazon. I’m not picky.

Sadly, the 99 cent sale for Fire Blessed has ended … but you can still pick up a discounted kindle copy for $1.99 until tomorrow, 9/25. After that, it’ll be back at the regular $4.99 price – hurry and grab your copy while it’s half price!

And just in case you worried that book one was a fluke, I’ll include one of my four reviews (hey now, I published in May – reviews take time! At least, mine do …)

Goodwin Hits a Homer with this Second book in the Series!

Hurry over to Amazon and get your copies today – at least be sure to grab the free version of UnBlessed. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Remember, you can read kindle books on your laptop or computer – you don’t have to have a kindle! Try the ebook first, and if you like it, you can always buy a paperback later. 😉

Here’s links to simplify your buying experience:

Buy UnBlessed here.

And Fire Blessed here.


Monday Briefing – 7/7/14

First, let me celebrate with you all. I managed to add 5,000 words to Fire Blessed last week! WOOHOO! It’s technically not what I was supposed be at with my Camp Nano word goal, but by golly – I broke out of that weird rut! Progress has been made!

That said, obviously Camp is going fairly well. I’m actually in an amazing cabin with some very active writers – I’ve done my first word sprint ever, and then some! I managed not to forget any posts this week, and even spent some nice time with the hubby. A good week, overall.

Goals this week:

  • Reading: I’m halfway through rereading UnBlessed – there are a few timeline things I need to hash out with Fire Blessed. Also, got a few new books on the kindle – so time to choose a new culprit!
  • Writing: Keep up the pace at Camp Nano – maybe even catch up so that I’m back on track!
  • Personal: Hopefully going to get new glasses this Saturday, and I need to get my car inspected so I can go get my Texas plates … then my Texas license so that I can get a library card!!!

This week I have a few other shout-outs I want to make.

First of all, heaps of gratitude and blog love to Taylor Grace for reviewing my book. I’m always ecstatic to hear when someone enjoyed my world, and to hear it from another talented author gives me tingles! Thank you so much Taylor! While you’re there, you should check out her novel – Olivia’s Choice is actually on sale right now! Buy it while the getting’s good!

In addition, Taylor also nominated me for an award *blush*  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award just requires you to post the picture and nominate 15 others and let them know. I’m extremely flattered to receive this nomination, but I think I’m going to wait a bit longer before accepting it – for a couple of reasons. First, Taylor nominated almost all the blogs I follow (sob) and I’m crazy busy trying to finish my second novel. I’m not sure why I’m giving myself such a harsh deadline, except that I like the pressure, I guess. So thank you so very much for the nomination, Taylor. I can’t wait to check out the other blogs you nominated (that I don’t already follow, hehe) and promise to keep inspiring!

Book sale!

Hey there followers!

As a fun little way to help celebrate my little sister’s birthday, the kindle version of my book is on sale for $1.99! You can track the price changes on Amazon – it’s part of a Countdown Deal. So if you haven’t got it yet, now is a great time to get it for cheap!

Hmm. I should have my readers thank her. It’s more of a birthday gift to them than it is to her. *shrug* It’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, she doesn’t have her kindle version yet, either.


Here’s the link for those who need it:

a.com_logo_RGB available on kindle