Monday Briefing – 7/7/14

First, let me celebrate with you all. I managed to add 5,000 words to Fire Blessed last week! WOOHOO! It’s technically not what I was supposed be at with my Camp Nano word goal, but by golly – I broke out of that weird rut! Progress has been made!

That said, obviously Camp is going fairly well. I’m actually in an amazing cabin with some very active writers – I’ve done my first word sprint ever, and then some! I managed not to forget any posts this week, and even spent some nice time with the hubby. A good week, overall.

Goals this week:

  • Reading: I’m halfway through rereading UnBlessed – there are a few timeline things I need to hash out with Fire Blessed. Also, got a few new books on the kindle – so time to choose a new culprit!
  • Writing: Keep up the pace at Camp Nano – maybe even catch up so that I’m back on track!
  • Personal: Hopefully going to get new glasses this Saturday, and I need to get my car inspected so I can go get my Texas plates … then my Texas license so that I can get a library card!!!

This week I have a few other shout-outs I want to make.

First of all, heaps of gratitude and blog love to Taylor Grace for reviewing my book. I’m always ecstatic to hear when someone enjoyed my world, and to hear it from another talented author gives me tingles! Thank you so much Taylor! While you’re there, you should check out her novel – Olivia’s Choice is actually on sale right now! Buy it while the getting’s good!

In addition, Taylor also nominated me for an award *blush*  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award just requires you to post the picture and nominate 15 others and let them know. I’m extremely flattered to receive this nomination, but I think I’m going to wait a bit longer before accepting it – for a couple of reasons. First, Taylor nominated almost all the blogs I follow (sob) and I’m crazy busy trying to finish my second novel. I’m not sure why I’m giving myself such a harsh deadline, except that I like the pressure, I guess. So thank you so very much for the nomination, Taylor. I can’t wait to check out the other blogs you nominated (that I don’t already follow, hehe) and promise to keep inspiring!