Back from the Abyss

Well, friends, National Novel Writing Month is drawing to a close …

How did I do?

Not so great. In fact, I almost considered giving up halfway through. But a wonderful friend told me, “Only losers give up, and you are not a loser.” So with her encouragement, I adjusted my goal to simply write every day and build a good habit to carry into next month and the next and so on. And that, I’m glad to say, I managed to successfully accomplish.

But that’s not the only reason I’ve come out of social media hibernation.

After showering you all with several teasing hints, today – finally – marks the release of my holiday short story collection! Behold, I give you …


Isn’t it glorious? Here’s what it’s about:

Ever wondered how your favorite fantasy characters celebrate the holidays?

In this special two-story collection, you’ll journey to Myrillia to find out!

Set during the events of Fire Blessed, the second volume of the Blessings of Myrillia series, readers will catch an unseen glimpse into the lives of two popular couples.

Marius and Renelle’s complicated relationship makes their everyday lives tricky, but when they’re expected to celebrate their first Solstice together, things turn out a little differently than they expected.

Meanwhile, Kisara is experiencing her first Solstice among the Transeatur and discovers a major difference in how her race and theirs celebrate the holidays. Her resulting preparations are a disaster-filled adventure that ends with a surprising – and heartwarming – gift exchange.

Cute, huh? I bet you want to know how to get your own copy, am I right? Well, you can pick up a copy for just 99 cents at Amazon!

Or, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you can get a copy absolutely free. It’s my way of saying ‘Thank you!’ to all the wonderful people supporting me. Don’t worry, I don’t spam my newsletters – in fact, I sent my last one back in June. You can sign up here or on my Facebook page.

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