Week two of #AugustReviews

Guys, guys! Guess what?! I managed to achieve all of my goals this week, and I even got to play the new World of Warcraft patch! Ah, the sweet taste of success … I shall have to continue this wonderful winning streak.

What goals, you might ask? Well, first, I made sure to write a page a day this week. Granted, most of the pages weren’t for my newest book, but at least half of them belong to a short story due to be released this November. Short story number two. 😀 So yeah, writing! Yay!

I also reviewed a week’s worth of books (though I may have possibly doubled up a few days to meet my quota – work and writing and reviewing and hobbies don’t always fit together in one day.) Here’s what I reviewed this week:

Note that this time I included the genre with each title: I’d like to give a huge thanks to Terry Tyler for that idea. Hopefully, it might help potential readers find their next favorite book. 😉


3 thoughts on “Week two of #AugustReviews

  1. Actually, it’s fine the way you do it, Crystin, because I can just copy and paste the block as a whole. The only reason we’re asking people not to post blog reviews is that it might make readers who don’t have blogs think you need one to do a review. And thanks for the genres, saved me having to try to work out what they all were! Much appreciate the contribution. x

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