A week of #AugustReviews and a cry for help … sort of.

Alrighty folks, it’s been a week. Time to share my progress on my goals so far for the month!

First, the writing a page a day: not doing so hot. I did great the first two days, then procrastination reared its ugly head. Total, I’ve managed to get five pages (ish) of random dialogue, scene setting, and/or outline for the week. Better than nothing, I suppose, but I’ll try a bit harder to stay on track.

As for Amazon book reviews, I’m not doing too shabby. I did end up share posting a few that I wrote for Goodreads and forgot to copy over as some of my quota, but overall I think I Β did pretty well. Here’s the list of Amazon reviews written this week, with links:

Finally, regarding my cry for help …

I’m still a total noob and beginner with Twitter. I barely know how to tweet, and my comment/reply/share skills are at the most basic level possible. Would any of my social-media-guru friends be willing to share how to create mini-links that can be used in Twitter? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to tweet reviews from Amazon as I complete them …

See you again next week with more updates!


11 thoughts on “A week of #AugustReviews and a cry for help … sort of.

  1. Here’s a simple idea: You should get an e-mail notification for each review you post on Amazon? Open the e-mail and go to the link showing your review, copy the URL of the page when it is open (the one that begins https:// from the top of the page) Then go to Twitter Write “Here is my review of (add book title, say in Capitals for good eye appeal) By (add author you can add their Twitter handle @ if you’ve previously searched and found them on Twitter) you could add a genre Hashtag like #Fantasy then paste the Amazon URL link – voila and Tweet.
    Tip: Can’t find the author on Twitter, search them on Goodreads, go to their author page, most show their Twitter link, click on it and it should take you to their Twitter page.
    I have more Twitter advice on my Wednesday Wing tab on the top of my blog. https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/
    Hope this helps.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about mini links for reviews, I just copy and paste them to Twitter. Twitter always works best if you actually go on the site and use it, rather than just posting things to it from other sites. Actually….. I have lots of Twitter Tips posts here, on Rosie’s blog! Hope they help, and thanks for stepping up with the August reviews!!! I’ll post the links to my ongoing list.



    • I’ve followed a few of your Twitter posts (I’m subscribed to Rosie’s feed) and you’ve definitely moved me to a novice instead of utterly clueless, haha. I just worry that the URL would be too long to fit in the tweet (with relevant description of what it is I’m linking).

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