Recharging complete.

Hello to all my friends, family, and fans out there in cyberspace: I’m baack!

I sorta disappeared off the face of the Earth there for a bit, I know. Turns out I needed a little extra recharge time after publishing and marketing Ice Blessed. The good news is, I’m now fully recharged and ready to jump back into writing/posting/reviewing, etc. Oh, and I found a fun new hobby that I hope to share with you all (without getting too spammy).

I’ve discovered Instagram! Specifically,ย bookstagram. Basically, staging book covers with cool props and backgrounds and whatnot. Yes – I’m a bit behind the times. But Iย love browsing the gorgeous book photos in my feed … I love them so much, I’ve been inspired to take a few pictures of my own! If you want to admire (or laugh) at my amateur-ish attempts, follow me @CrystinGoodwin (and I’ll try to find a way to set up a share link on WordPress.)

In addition to the discovery of Instagram, I’m going to start creating monthly goals and themes that I’ll share on the blog (and possibly Twitter and Facebook, too.) A lot of my posts and activities are shared among the different social media sites, so I apologize in advance if things start to look spammy: it’s not my intention, I promise!

Which brings me to August’s theme: book reviews! The lovely book blogger Terry Tyler decided to make August 2016 Write An Amazon Review Month.ย As I have a whole plethora of unreviewed books that I’ve read in the past (and I mean a plethora: just look at my Goodreads Read shelf), I’ve decided to post a book review a day for the month of August. Now, don’t panic! I’m not going to inundate your news feed with a book review every day (again, unless you follow me on Facebook and get my Goodreads activity – in which case, sorry XD ). My goal is to post a weekly recap of the books I’ve reviewed, along with links. I plan on making them fairly short and sweet: mentioning what I liked, what I didn’t like, and who I recommend the book for.

As an added bonus, I’m also going to be working on book four of my Blessings of Myrillia series this month. Since I’ve taken such a long break (though, to be fair, two months isn’t that long), I’m going to ease my way back into a routine by writing a page a day for the month of August.

So there you have it! My goals for August. Feel free to poke or message me to keep me accountable: I don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚


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