My first book subscription box.

SPOILER ALERT! If you are an Owlcrate subscriber and have not received your June box -and if you want the contents to remain a surprise- read no further!

You have been warned.

Now, for the rest of you, let me explain how I came to discover this incredible phenomenon. A few of my friends subscribe to Loot Crate and Nerd Block, which are monthly based subscription services where you receive a box full of goodies that revolve around your interests. There are gaming boxes, anime boxes, themed boxes for stuff like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones … and the loot involved is anything from t-shirts to figurines to toys to books. Now, I thought these boxes sounded interesting, but risky as well because I’m probably in the 1% of the nation that hasn’t seen Doctor Who or Game of Thrones or tons of other pop culture icons that I can’t even think of off the top of my head. But the idea that they might come with books … that intrigued me.

Then I discovered that there are completely book-themed crates, and even better than that: there are two services that exclusively focus on young adult titles! (For those of you keeping track, my two main reading genres are fantasy and young adult … oftentimes together.) I agonized and drooled over the past boxes shown on the Owlcrate  and Uppercase Box websites. A lot of the past books were ones I enjoyed, and the items that came with the book often featured my favorite authors and stories. The problem was, I couldn’t decide which one to try: Uppercase was cheaper per box, and had a lot more familiar titles, but Owlcrate themed their boxes, which meant I’d be less likely to get something I wouldn’t like. (Dystopian and contemporary romance titles can be hit or miss.)

Then Owlcrate announced the theme for June, and I was sold. A royalty theme – with items inspired by the Lunar Chronicles and Red Queen, which are both some of my favorite books (although I ranted a lot with Red Queen when I finished it).

I received my box Saturday evening and let me tell you: it was awesome.


The contents were: a hardcover edition of My Lady Jane with a letter from the authors and a paper crown, a Red Queen art print, a Lunar Chronicles bracelet (with the quote, ‘Even in the future, the story begins with once upon a time’), a set of three royalty-themed magnetic bookmarks, a Disney Princess mystery mini Funko (mine was Anna), and a couple of pretty cards from Owlcrate (one is a teaser for next month’s box).

All in all, I felt the box was more than worth its price. And the book? Let’s just say I got it Saturday, and by Monday it was finished. (I had to work Sunday, otherwise it would’ve been done in one day.) See my Goodreads review if you want to know more!

Now, of course, to provide fair and equal judgement for both subscription services, I’m going to have to test out Uppercase Box. You know, for comparison’s sake.

Do any of you subscribe to a book service or other Loot Crate type deal? Tell me about it! And as always, questions and comments are welcome.

Now excuse me while I reread my new book with my new crown. 😀



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