Author signing event recap!

First, I’d like to say I’m incredibly sorry for the dso many people!elay on posting a recap of my first ever book signing. I may have gotten a little over-excited and posted pictures on my personal Facebook page … and then promptly forgot that I had other social media outlet
s eagerly awaiting news.

So yeah … Sorry. >.<

If you couldn’t tell from the above statement, the author signing event went spectacularly! I had a good number of people show up to support me (around 30 or so, characters with their respective booksI forgot to keep count – but still a great number for an unknown author like me) and even had a few fans show up in costume!

Out of the 26 print books I took with me (yes, odd number, I know) I sold 24 – a completely unexpected success. Most of my research prior to the event said I’d be lucky to sell five copies. Some even went to complete strangers! It helped that the venue (Half Price Books) had a great sale going on, and the store was packed. And since I was right by the front door, I had the perfect opportunity to chat to a lot of potential readers. Of course, I also had a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t have fun living their dream?

Fan photobomb

.All in all, I had the time of my life. I’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who attended: your support and enthusiasm made all my effort totally worth it!

my crew

Great friends and fun times.

And for those who couldn’t make it, never fear! I had so much fun with my first author event, I can’t wait to plan the next. Keep an eye on my blog (or subscribe to my newsletter) for future events!













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