Fire Blessed Excerpt

The other day, I mentioned that Fire Blessed was my favorite novel in the series (again, gasp!) A good portion of that is due to the character development that went into this book. My two favorite characters of all time receive their spotlight in this book – so much spotlight I almost feel bad for the actual main characters of the series. However, since the backstory of these two characters play a major role in upcoming events, I feel justified in my choices.

One of the characters, Marius Caleo, is my all-time favorite character in the series. Oh, sure, my others jump up to the same level occasionally, but there’s just something about my loveable jerk that always brings me back. (Spoiler alert, Marius isn’t exactly a nice guy. He’s a bad boy. Whether or not he gets redeemed is still up in the air …)

Here’s an excerpt showing some pretty intense action with Marius … whch might give you a hint of his personality. Those who’ve read UnBlessed might recognize the other combatant in this scene …

Ooh. Wonder what Marius did to set him off? Guess you’ll have to jump over to Amazon and pick up your free kindle copy to find out!



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