UnBlessed Excerpt

The sale for UnBlessed is still underway and going strong: it’s already at #11 on the Amazon charts.

You can still snag your free kindle copy from Amazon here! Already have your copy? Well, tell your friends and family! What better time to give a new author a try than when it doesn’t cost you a thing? Besides, you can read kindle files for free on almost every digital device these days …

Not sure if UnBlessed is for you? Not sold on the description on Amazon? Here’s a spoiler-free excerpt about one of the main characters: Sebastian, a shape-shifting Transeatur.

Sebastian ran for what felt like hours, but might have only been minutes, when suddenly—gloriously—everything seemed to come together as he leapt over a fallen log. Mid-leap, he shifted smoothly and landed on the other side on all four paws. He felt the full presence of his Guardian Spirit stretching luxuriously, and together, the two of them continued forward as one. Sebastian reveled in his new body, the coiled power, the heightened senses, his fluid grace. The presence of his Spirit calmed Sebastian, erasing the earlier frustration immediately. He knew instinctively that his Spirit would always be present—not intrusive—but effectively a part of him: almost like an alter ego that knew how best to use this new body of his effectively.

If you’ve already picked up a copy and shared this post (or one of the others like it), why not take a moment to write a short review on Amazon? Reviews are a writer’s best friend, after all!

Side note: UnBlessed is now up to 26 reviews on Amazon!


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