Twenty-three days and counting.

Can you believe it’s almost May already? I certainly can’t!

That isn’t a complaint by any means. I’m incredibly thrilled that May is almost here, because that means the release of Ice Blessed is almost here too!

My wonderful newsletter subscribers should have gotten an extra special issue on April 20th with an exclusive sneak peek at the new novel. If you haven’t already, do make sure to subscribe on the right (or on my Facebook page) and I’ll be sure to send you the latest letter with the first chapter excerpt. I planned to share the first chapter here as well, then I realized: there are a few potential spoilers in that first chapter for those who haven’t read UnBlessed or Fire Blessed. Oh, you can read the entire book out of context and probably be able to follow along, but you won’t get the same punch in the gut at the epic reveals throughout the book. That’s why I’m running my sale on the first two books before the newest volume launches.

If you want to catch up on the series free of charge, be sure to check Amazon on May 2 through May 6 to get a free kindle copy of UnBlessed, and May 9 through May 13 for Fire Blessed. This is a great time to start or share the series (I mean, come on: free eBooks) and you don’t even have to own a kindle to read them. There is a free kindle app for most smartphones, tablets, and even PC. I’d love to offer free paperbacks for the traditional folks, but I haven’t found a free source of ink and paper. (That said, those traditional folks should really sign up for my newsletter … there may or may not be a special coupon code in the next issue.)

One other exciting piece of news I wanted to share … UnBlessed now has 25 reviews on Amazon! This is an amazing milestone, guys. Reviews sell books – and I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the number of positive reviews I’ve received. I’ve already done my victory dance … now to wait for 50. 😀

By the way, I can’t stress the importance of reviews enough, especially for unknown authors like myself. If you’ve read my books, do please take a moment to write a short review: even if you didn’t like it. Granted, don’t be mean! But take a second to mention what worked for you or what didn’t … and by golly, if you did enjoy my stories let other readers know! Even a simple “I liked it, easy to read and interesting.” is better than nothing. This is one situation where no news (or reviews) is bad news. 😛


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