Do you like preorders?

If so, good news for you!

Amazon now has a preorder page for Ice Blessed! Granted, it’s only for the kindle version … but the kindle version is A: much cheaper than print and B: doesn’t require you to wait for shipping. Meaning you can read the kindle copy on release day – no further wait needed!

“Release day? What release day?” you ask.

Oh, did I forget to share that little piece of info? 😉

Ladies and gentlemen, the official release day for Ice Blessed (assuming nothing wacky happens between now and then) is set for May 20, 2016.

For those keeping track, this day has a slightly special significance. You see, I released Fire Blessed on May 20, 2015. I would like to point out that I’ve stuck to my book-release-a-year goal … so far. I’m torn between trying to increase my quota or stick to what I know is possible. Ice Blessed had a few sticky spots where my productivity went down … I’m worried book four might be even worse. 😦

However, I’m not dwelling on the future just yet. Not when I have a thrilling new addition to the series still to be shared with you! Which brings me to a question for those who’ve read the other books in the series (and for those of you who haven’t, actually.)

First, here’s the synopsis (aka, cover pitch) for Ice Blessed:

In the aftermath of the first battle between Melior and Transeatur in recent history, both races attempt to regroup and prepare for the next phase of war. However, Lucien Glacies struggles to adjust more than most, fighting a conflict both within and without.

Lucien’s dream of a perfect future shattered when he realized his position in society — the very foundation of his life — was built on treachery and deceit. Confronted with the truth, Lucien must embrace the mistakes of his past … and accept the new allies who welcome him to their world.

However, the corrupt power behind the Melior’s false society is hunting Lucien’s new allies and his loved ones. If the threat isn’t stopped, Lucien risks the loss of his entire world—again.

My question, should you choose to answer, is whether that teaser captures your attention.

Does it make you want to read the book? Are you at least interested enough to read the first few pages?


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