Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

A random assortment of words to describe the incredible new images I have to share today.

By now, all of you should know that I have two books published, with a third due out in May. They are all part of my fantasy series, the Blessings of Myrillia – and judging by the reviews so far, they’ve been very well received by the public.

Last year, the illustrious Winter Bayne agreed to design new covers for my little series … and she created what I believe to be incredibly epic images. You may have seen these beauties before.

But you haven’t seen them like this:

Sparkly UnBlessed

The sparkle!



The bling!

sparkly ice blessed

The dazzle!










Look at these beauties! Aren’t they incredible? I swear, they give me goosebumps.

Now excuse me while I figure out how to pin these to my sidebar … ooh, or maybe put them on my books page!


6 thoughts on “Sparkle, bling, and dazzle.

    • Hehe. I’ve been told it’s my best book to date … I still have a soft spot for book two. After all, it features my favorite character. (Yes, yes, I know. An author should never pick favorites … it’s like a mother picking a favorite child. This is why I don’t have kids: can you imagine the trauma I’d cause?)

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