Book review: Truthwitch #fantasy #TuesdayBookBlog

In the Witchlands, some are born with magic skills – also known as a witchery – which set them apart from others. The skills are as varied as there are stars in the sky: a Glamourwitch can craft illusions, a Flamewitch can control fire (or sometimes heal, oddly enough), and a Truthwitch can tell truth from lies.

Safiya is a Truthwitch. Many would kill to have her skill at their disposal, especially the rulers of the three Empires that are about to end their 20 year treaty … which is why Safi keeps her ability secret. Or tries to, until a Bloodwitch catches her scent and recognizes her witchery.

Together with her Threadsister, Iseult, Safi embarks on a journey to find peace and the freedom to live her own life … only to realize that in a war-torn world, peace isn’t possible.

Have you ever wondered what a book-lover would do when her favorite author leaves a rave review for another fantasy novel?

Obviously, she reads it. Which is how I discovered Truthwitch, courtesy of Sarah J. Maas.

And while I don’t think it’s quite as good as Maas’s works, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the fantasy world and its unique take on magic. I liked the characters – even the stubborn-to-the-point-of-idiocy Safi. I adored the emphasis on friendship and the hint of romance.

Now, some might find it hard to get into the book at first. Dennard does a great job at doling out bits and pieces of world building as the story progresses … perhaps too good a job. There were a few points where the terminology confused me – like what exactly a Threadfamily was – but if you stick to it and just take the story as it goes, you get the answers in time. Most of them.

Which brings me to my only complaint – which isn’t so much a complaint as it is whining. Truthwitch suffers from series-syndrome. It’s glaringly obvious that it’s the first in a series, with unexplained hints and teasers and a not-quite-happy ending. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem, but because I jumped on the hype train just as the book released … I now have to wait a year to learn what happens next.



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