Winter is coming to Myrillia … in more ways than one.

The very astute reader might remember that the final events of Fire Blessed took place in autumn. So yes, naturally the seasons are going to change as events progress.

However, a certain Ice Blessed individual is going to have his moment in the spotlight as well. Gee, I wonder if you can guess the as-yet unannounced title of my third book?

My newsletter subscribers received an exclusive first-look at book three’s official title in my February issue. Now, I present to the rest of the world:


*cue trumpets and confetti*

I have wanted to announce this title for ages, but held back until the release date crept a little closer. There’s nothing more frustrating (to me, anyway) than getting a title and then waiting forever for the book to come out. Especially when said title allows your brain to run amok with theories and characters and ideas. At least, my brain went nuts the minute I thought of the title … which, actually, was halfway through writing Fire Blessed.

I mean, I can’t give Marius a book and leave poor Lucien out in the cold … heh.

Okay, enough with the cheesy puns. Here’s the nitty gritty regarding where I’m at in the release schedule:

  • The rough draft is completed and edits are in progress.
  • Four alpha readers have already gone through the manuscript and provided feedback.
  • The cover is finished – no, you can’t see it yet. Subscribe to my newsletter if you’re impatient. 😀
  • I don’t have an exact date yet, but it will be available by the end of May. Even better? You should have an exact date by the end of April!

Stay tuned for the many, many goodies I have in store! In the meantime … let your imagination run wild. 🙂


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