Oops, I did it again.

Yes, I know. I buried myself in my antisocial cave again … I’m sorry!

Oh, but it was worth it. Trust me. Those of you who have been waiting … you don’t have much longer to wait. You know what I mean. 😉

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In addition to my super top-secret endeavor that gobbled up a hefty amount of my spare time, I’ve rekindled a few old passions.

Like, for example, Pokemon. For those of you who missed the Superbowl commercial (and the announcement in January) this year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. There is a whole slew of cool stuff to celebrate this milestone – starting with the opportunity to get the first-ever mythical Pokemon, Mew, on the 3DS family of game systems.

Yeah, I got one. No, I’m not trading. He’s mine.

Even more exciting (for me, at least) is the release of the original trio of games: Red, Blue, and Yellow, on the Nintendo eStore this coming Saturday!

For those curious, Pokemon Yellow was my first ever personally owned video game – it might have been the first one I ever ‘beat’ as well. (One doesn’t ever beat Pokemon.) Oh sure, I played a few games before then: Tetris, Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and even Legend of Zelda … however, those all belonged to my little brothers.

*nostalgic sigh* I can still remember unwrapping that copy of Pokemon Yellow with its matching yellow Game Boy Color. That was probably the first time anything came close to beating books in the How to Make Crystin an Ecstatic Hyper-Maniac manual. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to reliving my childhood … or at least my late teenage years. (I was a late-blooming gamer – so sue me!)

As if that wasn’t enough to absorb my time, I also purchased the entire (or the currently available) collection of Skip-Beat graphic novels. I didn’t stop at simply purchasing them, either. I read them all in about two weeks: which brings me to an interesting question. If I’m tracking my books read for 2016, should I count each volume of the series as a book? It feels like cheating, because I can easily finish one graphic novel an hour. I mean, they’re mostly pictures. At the same time, thirty five graphic novels does count for a hefty amount of reading. I feel like it should be acknowledged in my reading list somehow.

I’ll ask my manga and comic book fans out there – what do you think? Should I count the entire series separately or as one entity?

Now I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift my husband sent me.

Because who doesn’t love roses?


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