Fan art Friday!!!

I am so excited to share this information with you guys!!!

Now granted, I’m using ‘art’ in the broadest sense of the word – but the fact still remains that I (or rather, my world) inspired another person to create something.

The first piece I’ll be showing you today also happens to be the first fan art I’ve personally received. (For those keeping track, the last two images I shared were given to a coworker, who happens to be a fan of my work.)

A very dear friend made this bowl by hand for my Christmas present. A few of the Elements from my novels, as well as the covers themselves, inspired the design.

Needless to say, I was thrilled speechless when I opened it.

If you look really close at the middle image above, you can see she even personalized the bottom before firing it!

A huge thanks goes out to Natalie for this priceless gift: I have it sitting right next to my laptop, alongside my birthday coffee cup that ‘overfloweth with the tears of my readers’. Two of my most prized possessions … which, coincidentally, provide a huge boost to enthusiasm and morale when I’m writing. 😀

The second piece of fan-made love is something I can only announce, rather than share. For the moment anyway: I’m trying to wear her down until she gives in and lets me post it permanently on the site.

A new book-loving coworker started at my store in January (score says me, the avid reading enthusiast as well as author), and she devoured my first two books. As in, read each book the day she got them. Not only that – but she fell so in love with one of my characters that she wrote a song about them.

Ahem. Let me say that again:

She wrote a song about a character from one of my books.

My jaw hit the ground when she told me. Not only that, but she’s a music major in college. She knows what she’s doing. Trust me; I got to listen to it.

Which is why I’m now sending her email spam until she allows me to share it with the world.

Very friendly, very polite email spam.

I’m also not above begging in public forums and letting other fans ask to listen to the (in my humble opinion) beautiful song about Renelle.

Those of you who’ve read the books: don’t you want to hear a song about Renelle? An incredibly sweet, inspiring song … if so, beg with me in the comments.

Please, Olivia? Please, please, please can we all listen to Renelle’s song?

(Heaven help her if I ever remember to ask for her phone number … XD)



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