Unforseen delays.

Hey there folks! Just wanted to update my loyal followers (all six of them, haha!) to say that I haven’t forgotten everyone. I had some unexpected issues come up with family, but I should still have my publishing journey posts up here soon. In addition, I’ve started work on a short story that (with luck) I’ll have available for Christmas!

Also, for those keeping track, NaNoWrimo ended up a bust. I finished with only 36,000 words – and yes, I’m aware that you non-writers are staring at that number and asking ‘Only?!’ It’s progress, but I wanted to hit the 50,000 word goal. However, that number isΒ just from November – the entire manuscript is sitting around 68,000 words. I only have three or four more scenes to go to have the book end where I want, which means I could still have my rough draft done by the end of the year.

Of course,Β that means I need to run off and work on the manuscript.


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