NaNoWriMo Week One – A Study in Stubborn Optimism.

Week one of NaNo has passed, and I have to admit: even though the world tried to capsize my little writing boat, I managed to stay afloat.

Key highlights from the week:

  • My suspected cold turned into a definite cold with a horrific cough – which makes getting restful sleep an adventure, let me tell you.
  • My daily twitter updates lasted until BlizzCon started on Friday – which, surprisingly (NOT!), is when the cold bloomed full force.
  • BlizzCon was awesome – there were a million incredible announcements, including the official movie trailer for the Warcraft movie which may or may not have had me shrieking like a banshee (or pretending to shriek like a banshee since the cough/cold took my voice hostage). I’ll take a brief moment to share my favorite piece of info: Transmogrify wardrobe feature coming in Legion!!!
  • I’m incredibly proud of the fact that I took advantage of the blank spots during BlizzCon without interesting panels to write. Yes, I wrote during BlizzCon. Go me!
  • Point of pride: no matter how awful I felt or how cramped my schedule got, I made time for writing EVERY DAY. With a minimum of 500 words every time – it’s the principle and the habit that matters.

I’m currently at 9,376 words written so far this month. I’m supposed to be closer to 15,000. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not too awful; after all, I still have three weeks left to catch up. See? Stubbornly optimistic, that’s me.

Goals for this week:

  • Keep up the momentum! Even better, increase momentum so that I’m not behind. 😀
  • I’m testing out a writing productivity book, which requires me to track word count, time spent writing, mood, time of day, and other key facts that might help me pinpoint ways to improve my words per hour. This week, I’m just going to focus on collecting the data.
  • Wednesday, November 11th, I’m hosting a write in at my Starbucks in Austin, TX! Any Wrimos that follow my blog are more than welcome to join me, though I don’t know how many of you are local … I’m willing to post details if needed.
  • Get back to the Twitter updates. I kinda liked posting word counts.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a little teaser quote!

“… lies are messy—constantly trying to remember who you told what and when? It’s much simpler to remain vague and let the other person create their own illusions.” –Marius

(Disclaimer: Quote is from a work in progress and is still subject to change.)


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week One – A Study in Stubborn Optimism.

  1. I was going to put in my two cents of: For me, Nano is all about writing daily and not the end word count goal. If a person is consistent, progress will be made.

    I’m starting my own writing challenge sent to me. So, I’ll be posting progress on that soon.

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