I review, you review: it’s a wonderful circle of love.

Ladies and gentlemen: I have achieved another milestone in my writing career. It’s nothing big or dramatic – in fact, some might think it’s pretty insignificant. After all, it comes from a very simple two line review that I received on Amazon. Here, read it:

Love-love this series!  I normally don’t like reading, but got hooked on this book! Loved it and can’t wait for the 3rd book!

Do you see it? The line that almost made me cry, the one that I hoped and dreamed I would someday hear?

I normally don’t like reading …

Guys, my book hooked a non-reader. Not only that, but they’re looking forward to my third book, meaning they’re probably in the middle of reading my second. Do you have any idea how incredible that is?! It’s only, like, in my top three things I want to hear before I die.

*wipes away tears of happiness* Okay. Enough about me. Time to dish on the latest book I finished reading. I haven’t been reading as much lately: you know, what with NaNo around the corner and all, but I took a break last night and devoured this little treat in a couple of hours.

  • Title: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
  • Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

It’s not easy being a witch, especially when you’re raised by your human mother. Sophie Mercer knows this all too well, and it doesn’t help that every time she tries to use her magic, it goes wrong and other humans notice. Meaning she and her mom have to move … again.

Now she’s been sentenced to Hecate Hall, also known as Hex Hall, a last chance reform school for magical beings that have defied the Council. Her classmates are witches, weres, faeries … and her roommate is a vampire. 

And here Sophie thought her last high school was hell. At least there, you didn’t run the risk of literally meeting a demon.

Hex Hall is a fun, laugh-out-loud read, with plenty of action, some mystery, and a teeny bit of drama thrown in. I immediately fell in love with the main character, Sophie. She’s so sassy and real – I swear, she has some of the wittiest lines in the entire book. Who wouldn’t love a girl who screams ‘Bad dog!’ at an attacking werewolf? And that’s just one of my favorites – seriously, the entire first chapter detailing how Sophie wrecks prom is a GEM. I can’t even quote it, because I wouldn’t want to ruin the humor by pulling lines out of context, but let me tell you that it is absolutely hilarious.

I also love that I didn’t see some of the twists and turns coming in the story. I read so much that many times I can vaguely predict where the story is going – not so with Hex Hall. I adore being surprised by writers, and Rachel Hawkins did a fantastic job of adding in plenty of surprises. There were two huge plot twists I didn’t see coming … and I’m not all that sure I’m thrilled with how the romance turned out. Mostly, I’m still confused and in a little shock: much like Sophie.

I would heartily recommend this book to fans of paranormal fantasy, the young adult genre, or to anyone who likes a little snark in their heroines. Or a lot of snark, as this case my be.

I don’t have much in the way of disclaimers, except there is a vampire, so there’s some mention of blood and death.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure you can get an eBook copy for $2.99 until Halloween. Go grab one! Here are the links for kindle and nook.


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