Channeling my inner Gollum

I’m mildly – but only mildly – ashamed to admit I’ve been hunched in a corner for the last day mumbling “My precious …” and hissing at sunlight.

Neither of which are a very unusual occurrence, now that I think about it. I frequently get over-excited and possessive, and I’m most definitely a nocturnal creature. It’s why I work nights.

But, too, it’s not everyday you get something like this in the mail:


Look at it.

Mock bookshelf

(Yes, those are World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition boxes propping up my books. Go ahead. Ooze jealousy.)

Lying down ... because why not?

My … precious

*Ahem* Of course, you all know what this means. The paperback version for Fire Blessed is now available! Granted, it might take a day or so for Amazon to get their stuff together and update my product page, but here are some links anyway.



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