UnBlessed now available in paperback!

Stage one is now complete: the second edition of UnBlessed is available through Amazon and select retailers in paperback!

Let me just say that the cover is absolutely gorgeous in print. Like, incredibly gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Lookie:

New frontNew spine

Just look at that book: the colors, the design, the spine.

Now you can wait impatiently to see what books one and two look like lined up together … mwahaha!

(To be perfectly honest, I’m still waiting on the final proof copy for Fire. I had to make a few minor changes – but, oh, does it look incredible!)

Want a copy of your own? Visit my Books by Crystin page or click on your favorite retailer below. Hint: If you really want to support this starving artist (well, not starving – but I definitely want a cookie), use the direct link!

  • Direct
  • Amazon.com
  • (Barnes and Noble link to be included in future: it takes a while for indie titles to show up in their system.)

Also, as an early celebration for the soon-to-come paperback for Fire Blessed – with matching artwork – I’ve updated my blog look to reflect the fiery theme. Nifty, isn’t it?!

For those who can’t get enough of those gorgeous flames, here’s a nifty desktop wallpaper you can download and show off to your friends and family. (Hint, hint, wink, wink.)

Fire BG

Once again, huge thanks to Winter Bayne for the incredible images and cover art!


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