Guest Appearance! Crystin Goodwin’s Characters from UnBlessed

I’m guest posting on Olivia Berrier’s blog today. Check out my exclusive short story interview, featuring characters from UnBlessed!

Often Clueless, Always Shoeless

This post written by Crystin Goodwin
Featuring characters from her book UnBlessed
Which is FREE! 
(Just so you know. Last day to get it!) 

No Spoilers.

Extra-special guest post today, my friends! In honor of the last day of her sale for Blessings of Myrillia, I interviewed Crystin Goodwin! And by that I mean I interviewed her characters. And by that I mean I asked her to stick three characters in a room with strange boxes. 

This is what I like to call “The Mystery Box Interview.” (It’s great fun for anyone who enjoys throwing characters into odd situations.) I ‘gave’ Crystin three boxes and filled them with objects that I thought would spark conversation. She then placed the boxes and her characters in a room, and – ta da! 


“Lucien. Lucien, wake up!”

Grumbling, Lucien rolled over and tried to wave away his visitor. “Five more…

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