Only one more day left!

Have you managed to pick up a free kindle copy of UnBlessed yet? Well, what are you waiting for? The sale ends Friday 9/25! Even worse, I don’t remember the exact time the sale ends, so procrastinators probably shouldn’t wait past 10 PM EST. I mean, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a free book, would you? Especially one that has reviews saying stuff like this:

I loved way too many things about UnBlessed to fit into this review.

or maybe this:

Possibly the next rising star of fantasy authors?!

or my personal favorite:

I could tell you…

I mean it. There’s a reason I’ve hit #4 in my category on the Amazon Free Bestseller list … twice. Go take a look at the reviews. I don’t have many, but hey, quality over quantity! At least, I think that still applies to book reviews. Of course, any of you who’ve already read UnBlessed can feel free to add your own opinions about the book, here or on Amazon. I’m not picky.

Sadly, the 99 cent sale for Fire Blessed has ended … but you can still pick up a discounted kindle copy for $1.99 until tomorrow, 9/25. After that, it’ll be back at the regular $4.99 price – hurry and grab your copy while it’s half price!

And just in case you worried that book one was a fluke, I’ll include one of my four reviews (hey now, I published in May – reviews take time! At least, mine do …)

Goodwin Hits a Homer with this Second book in the Series!

Hurry over to Amazon and get your copies today – at least be sure to grab the free version of UnBlessed. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Remember, you can read kindle books on your laptop or computer – you don’t have to have a kindle! Try the ebook first, and if you like it, you can always buy a paperback later. 😉

Here’s links to simplify your buying experience:

Buy UnBlessed here.

And Fire Blessed here.


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