Good news versus bad news.

Right. So I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news:

  • The updated eBooks for UnBlessed and Fire Blessed are live! This means anyone who purchases UnBlessed from now on will receive the shiny new second edition, complete with new cover art! Fire Blessed didn’t receive any changes to the story, but it does have the matching artwork available.

The bad news:

  • Amazon will not send the updated version of UnBlessed to customers who purchased the first edition. Apparently, they’re afraid of messing up customer notes or annotations, and will only send updates that correct readability issues – not new content. If a customer tries to delete and repurchase, they will automatically receive the old version. Crappy, stupid, and frustrating – I know. However!

The good news:

  • I released the second edition as a new title. This means customers who want to be super supportive can repurchase the new edition for $2.99 *or* they can contact me via email, WordPress, or Facebook for a free updated copy *or* they can wait until 9/21 … when there will be a new free promotion! You heard right folks – from 9/21 thru 9/25, the UnBlessed kindle book will be absolutely free! In addition, Fire Blessed will be $0.99 from 9/21-9/23! Which means you can get both of my eBooks for less than a dollar!

The bad news:

  • Paperback copies will be delayed just a little longer. I received the proof for UnBlessed – which looked amazing – but there were a few minor tweaks that needed to be made. The revisions are already in the works, so with luck, my print fans will only need to wait another week.

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