The new and improved Fire Blessed.

Now, originally, I wanted to wait for this announcement. It feels like cheating to have two cover reveals in the same week … especially when I go weeks (or months!) in between posts.

That said, who in their right mind wants their covers within a series to not match? I mean, when a series has an obvious theme, don’t you want to make sure all your covers belong to the same theme? (You artsy types that prefer the eclectic look can hush – I’m validating myself. Don’t burst my bubble!)

So, without further ado, I present to you: the new and improved eBook cover for Fire Blessed!


Sigh … Magnificent, isn’t it? Once again, huge thanks to Winter Bayne for her incredible work! It even comes with a new cover pitch:

In UnBlessed, readers were introduced to the fiery-tempered Marius Caleo. Raised among Favored society, Marius has everything: wealth, status, charm, and popularity. Yet, he yearns for greater power and independence.

When Marius is introduced to the mysterious Inner Council and offered an assignment, he believes he finally found the path to achieving greatness. Unfortunately, their involvement in his future comes with a price …

Now, Marius must decide how far he’s willing to go achieve his ambitions – because sometimes independence and power don’t go hand in hand.

Now, one little disclaimer here: Fire Blessed does not have any bonus chapters or additional changes. This is only a cosmetic face-lift for the cover, the story remains the same.

Here are a few other updates for those keeping track:

  • The print proof for UnBlessed is in the mail. If everything goes well, you folks should have an update regarding print copies within the next week!
  • The eBook files for both volumes, including cover bling, have been submitted to KDP. Don’t be surprised if you see the new editions available sometime this weekend …
  • The print proof for Fire Blessed is in the processing stage – this means that neither of my titles are currently available to purchase as a paperback. I promise that this is a temporary situation, and I’ll have those print copies available ASAP – and I’ll post an update with relevant buy links for everyone.
  • I believe I promised some of you desktop wallpapers … Well, here are two of my favorites – along with a third teaser Winter created for my birthday!

sparkle with cover

UnBlessed background

power priviledge



5 thoughts on “The new and improved Fire Blessed.

  1. I HEARTILY approve of your decision to do the Fire Blessed cover reveal right now!! (Because I’m impatient. And it’s awesome.)

    Did I mention that it’s AWESOME! 🙂 That is a really neat cover!

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