We interrupt your blogging to bring you a special announcement.

Yes, yes, I know. I dropped off the virtual radar, disappeared from the digital world of social media. My deepest, most profound apologies to my rabid readers … of which I think I have about three. (You know who you are …)

That said, I do have some exciting news and a few interesting updates. I’ll start small, and build up to the big finale. 😉

Firstly, despite having reached my reading goal for the year, I’ve still been reading like a madwoman. I’m currently at 101 books read this year: check out my Reading List 2015 to see what I’ve read so far! I’ve stuck with a lot of fantasy (big surprise), especially young adult fantasy. I plan to write a post on Wednesday detailing my favorite books from the list, so avid readers and fantasy fans should stay tuned.

I haven’t just been reading though. I know it sounds a bit unbelievable considering how I tend to glue myself to my books, but I’ve also been writing. I made moderate progress on volume three in my Blessings of Myrillia series, but only moderate progress because …

I completed the second edition of book one, UnBlessed!

You read that right folks. My debut novel is now fully polished, complete with extended scenes and bonus chapters, and has been sent off to a select few readers for feedback.

Now, the second edition is not live – not yet. I still need to test the print cover to make sure everything is aligned and the colors look right, and I want to get at least one or two opinions on the new and improved writing before sending it out into the world. But the bulk of the work – the hardest part of the writing process in my opinion – is done.

Which leads neatly into my two big surprises – the big finale! Behold, my glorious new cover, designed by the exceedingly talented and gracious Winter Bayne!

ebook cover - large

Isn’t it beautiful?! Doesn’t it make you want to pick it up and learn what it’s about? To click the icon or flip the book around to read this:

Kisara Tenebris is a Melior: one of the elemental magic users that populate the world of Myrillia. Every aspect of Melior life is dictated by their Blessing, or ability, with the rarest and most powerful earning a spot on the ruling council.

Kisara dreams of the day she’ll receive her own Blessing and take her place among society. But when she’s unBlessed year after year, left behind by her friends – and the boy she loves – she can’t help but wonder what she did wrong.

Instead, Kisara must discover that magic doesn’t determine one’s worth – and that she doesn’t have to be like everyone else to be accepted.

After all, the Elements have greater things planned for Kisara.

You’re hooked now, aren’t you? You want to know a little more, might even want to read a few pages, right? Well, what if you could read the entire second edition right now? What if you could read it before anyone else, before it’s even live on Amazon?

For free.

Ah, now I have your attention. 🙂

For the next two weeks, I’m offering free digital copies (epub or mobi files) to anyone who’d like to read UnBlessed. No strings attached, although honest reviews are always appreciated. All I need is an email address and your preferred file format. Feel free to comment below, drop a line from my Contact Me page, or sign up for my mailing list: the link is over there somewhere –>

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the print copy and for future digital goodies … after all, wouldn’t that image make one epic desktop wallpaper? 😀


20 thoughts on “We interrupt your blogging to bring you a special announcement.

  1. Hey, I’ve really been meaning to read your books. Heidi and Zane, and Shannon, have told me time and time again. I’m so excited to read them they sound so good!

    • Will do. It should be the same page it currently is though, it’ll just show up as an additional edition. Same with my current reviews on Amazon – they’ll merge to the new edition. A neat little trick, that. It means I won’t lose any of the reviews I’ve already gotten. 😀

  2. Yayyy! This is something I was contemplating doing with my own debut novel – a cover change to go with the inner changes sounds good, though. Hmmmm…

    Well, either way, I’ve been dying to read UnBlessed for some time now, as you know, and I already know I’ll be buying a paperback version, so you’ll feel my support there. Can I get the ebook in mobi? 😀 capsoncarrillo@gmail.com, if you didn’t remember.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work. I’ll be sure and spread the good news once it’s live.

    • I’d be delighted to send you a copy! In fact, it’s already sent – heh. You don’t have to buy the paperback though, unless you enjoyed the story. Then I guess you can. 🙂

      I’ll make an announcement when the paperback is live, so just peek back every once in awhile. (I’m aiming for the end of the month, but we’ll see.)

    • Ah – I should probably clarify that. Mobi is a kindle only file format, while epub is for every other ereader: nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc. I’ll send you one of each, just in case you have multiple ereaders. 🙂

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