2015 Reading Challenge

Huh. It is July, right? As in, the year is only halfway finished?

How on Earth did I manage to finish my 2015 reading challenge?! :/ I’m sitting at 69 out of 65 books read so far this year – and that’s not counting the five books of the Amber series I managed to finish this April! (They were part of a compilation, I only got through the first half so decided not to count it.)

Good grief, that’s what? Three books a week? Oh. That’s … actually pretty normal for me. I should probably wait to panic until I’m looking at multiple books a day. Phew. I’m not in danger of an intervention yet!

Although – what am I supposed to do now? Set a new goal? Read books willy-nilly and see how many I end the year with? I suppose I could focus on writing books instead of reading them … but where’s the fun in that? 😉

Speaking of writing, I’ve completed the first bonus chapter for UnBlessed and revisions are going well. The brand new e-book cover is complete, along with some fun little freebies that I’ll be posting online soon.

Soon – but not yet.

Heh heh heh. >:D

Oh, one more thing. If you look to the right, you’ll see I now have a mailing list. Fans of my writing should definitely consider signing up – because everyone who subscribes will receive a free e-book copy of UnBlessed when the second edition is complete!

Disclaimer: I’m still learning how exactly mailing list /newsletters work – so you might not receive your first email for another couple of weeks.


4 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge

  1. I heard of a challenge you might be interested in: to read a book from every country in the world (obviously the ones translated into English or another language you can understand). This way you are not just reaching a number goal but also reading the voices of other cultures…just an idea! 🙂 xx

    • Ooh. That’s an interesting idea. I’ve seen a few other challenges like that – where you read a book in a genre you don’t normally read, or one with a color in the title, etc. I should look into those.

  2. Darla has a reading challenge. One for romance and a genre one. It seemed interesting.

    I’m at 65%. Been doing more beta than actual fiction reads. So, I say you keep reading off my TBR and we’ll split the count. I’m going to finish a craft book and start a fiction story this week. I personally don’t set new goals, just keep going.

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