Book review: Moseh’s Staff

  • Title: Moseh’s Staff by A.W. Exley
  • Genre: Steampunk/Romance/Mystery

London is in the frozen grip of an unnatural winter and Queen Victoria wants answers. Cara and Nate know who – the Curator. The queen’s artifact hunters just don’t know what is responsible.

Okay – I’m gonna stop the synopsis there – because I do not want to spoil what comes next!

Moseh’s Staff is the fourth book of the Artifact Hunter’s series. Those of you who’ve been following my blog have probably already read my reviews of the first three books: Nefertiti’s Heart, Hatshepsut’s Collar, and Nero’s Fiddle. In my last review, I expressed that I had a problem writing a review for the third book, because I didn’t like it as much as the first two.

I so did not have that problem with this volume.

Moseh’s Staff had the same page gripping intensity I experienced with Nefertiti’s Heart – in fact, I’d almost say it’s my new favorite installment in the series. The story is incredibly compelling and as the events unfold, you will literally find yourself on the edge of your seat, flipping the pages feverishly because you just have to know if everything turns out alright at the end. Sure, you might be able to predict what’s coming next (I totally called two of the plot twists), and might suspect that everything will turn out just fine (not telling!), but there’s that gut-gripping sensation while you’re inside Nate’s head that has you panicking that you might be wrong, especially when you consider the (inconceivably) popular practice of killing off main characters these days (again, I’m not telling!).

Would I recommend it? Oh my gosh, YES! As always, you ought to pick up the rest of the books in the series, otherwise you might be a little lost about, well, a lot of events. This series, and this book, has a great meld of features that could appeal to a wide audience: romance, mystery, steampunk, a little fantasy – you name it.

Disclaimer: There are the usual steamy scenes you find in a romance here. Also, purists of any type of genre might take offense at the author’s blurred lines approach – I find it very refreshing and fun to have a book with steampunk, Regency romance, fantasy, mystery, and horror elements all tied up in one neat package. Although, the horror element in this one wasn’t the grisly, gory type from previous books. Instead, it’s from Cara’s nightmares – nightmares of when she was raped at fourteen. It doesn’t go into explicit detail, but buyer beware.


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