Another five star review!

Ladies and gentlemen, UnBlessed just received its thirteenth review on Amazon! A wonderfully detailed five star review, even. Take a look at what they had to say; perhaps they’ll help you decide if you want to give my world a try. 😉

I loved way too many things about UnBlessed to fit into this review.

I really loved Unblessed. There are a lot of great things about the story and the way Crystin wrote it, but I have to first talk about the genre. There are a lot of fantasy stories out there with a lot of unique and interesting ideas. But the more I’ve read fantasy stories in my life the more I’ve become bored with too commonly used fantasy elements, whether it’s races like Elves and Dwarves or it’s the way magic works. One of the things that struck me the most about UnBlessed was how refreshingly unique the fantasy world Crystin creates is. Nothing about the world and how its fantasy works was predictable for me and I absolutely loved that. Learning how Crystin’s world works was a constant source of excitement and wonder.

I also loved how real the characters felt. As part of this review I answered “complex” to Amazon’s question “How would you describe the characters?” but UnBlessed’s characters are way more than “complex”. The story spans many years of the characters’ lives and you really get to see them develop in rich and complex ways. But there’s a really satisfying subtlety to all of it that just makes it all feel so right. I never found myself feeling like some character’s actions were in any way even subtly out of character or confusing. Even things like social norms and social classes play a role in characters’ development.

I could practically write a short novel about all the things I liked about UnBlessed, but I’ll end this review with just one last thing. Crystin did so many things I loved in how she wrote UnBlessed, but on top of all that I feel like she wove an extremely interesting, exciting, and engaging story. I felt so many different emotions towards characters and events throughout UnBlessed, and I really felt engaged in the world as well as the characters and their experiences.


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