Ratings, reviews, and random raving.

Well, folks, my second novel has been out a little over a week now. While initial sales weren’t what I hoped for, the sale for my first book blew my expectations out of the water! During the free promotion I had over 450 copies of UnBlessed downloaded – waaaay more than I ever dreamed.

As a result, UnBlessed, has some new ratings and reviews that I wanted to share:

  • Goodreads has a 4.5 overall rating, with six 5 star ratings, three 4 star ratings, and one 3 star. The most recent review states: “An original take on some unique fantasy races. A good read with a suspenseful ending. I can’t for book 2.”
  • Amazon now has a 4.8 overall rating, thanks to my ten 5 star reviews, and two 4 star reviews. The latest review claims: “This book was so compelling and creative! Perfect amount of action, suspense, depth, and romance. So excited to read the next one!”

Fire Blessed also got some review love with another 5 star review, for a total of two so far. Oh, but what a review:

Since finishing Harry Potter and the Stormbringer series, my life felt lacking. What could possibly replace such great books? I’m sure every reader can relate to the sad feels of turning the last page of a book that consumed your life. Crystin’s Blessed series can fill this void… and she needs to write the sequel before I go crazy!

If you haven’t read the first, go buy Unblessed. It’s a genuinely interesting take on magic and fantasy. Basically, every teenager of age receives an elemental blessing. The entire hierarchy of her world revolves around which blessings are said to be the rarest. So if you’re unblessed, you’re pretty much screwed. This more or less parallels our own world; it’s brilliant commentary on racism and discrimination.

However, it is never shoved down your throat. There is more than enough love to satiate the mildest of temperaments. I’d rate this book E for everyone as it’s perfectly balanced. The character development is sharp. The dialogue is true to life. The narrative is unpredictable. The mood is tense. You’ll find yourself turning pages with significant anxiety.

Just buy the damn book. You can thank me later.

😮 I’m not sure what triggered my hysterical shrieking: the fact that my books were placed on the same level as Harry Potter or the fact that I have someone already eagerly awaiting my third book. Someone other than my mother, that is.


4 thoughts on “Ratings, reviews, and random raving.

  1. It’s a bossly series, and I cannot wait for the third. Hopefully by then, I’ll have a few more followers and can promote this adequately. Very impressive stuff.

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