And we’re live!

Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited Fire Blessed is now available to purchase!

Hop on over to to purchase a kindle or paperback copy, or you can also visit my personal e-store here to get your paperbacks. Unfortunately, I opted out of expanding distribution to Barnes and Noble and other retailers – after reviewing my sales for UnBlessed I realized that I sold all copies from Amazon in this last year – except for one. Since expanded distribution requires a higher list price, I thought I’d bite the bullet and take the hit for now. If anyone is absolutely livid that they can’t buy their copy from their local bookstore, comment now. I can always change it. 😉

A quick reminder, the kindle version UnBlessed is still free until Friday, so grab your copy while you can!

Oh, and check out Fire Blessed‘s first review: courtesy of a loyal beta reader!

The second story in the series by Goodwin. If you liked UnBlessed, you’ll LOVE this one! She takes the characters she introduced in UnBlessed, and adds new ones. Everything you thought you knew about Myrillia gets turned upside down as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns every step of the way. Goodwin writes in such a way as to lead the reader deeper and deeper into the intrigue of her world, and constantly leaves them wanting to see what’s on the next page. Her character development will leave the reader in love with at least one of the players in this volume. This is one of the best mixes of action, intrigue, emotion, duplicity, and romance that I have come across. There is something for everyone in here (several somethings for most people, in fact). Many will see the parallels that Goodwin draws between our world and hers, some will see themselves in one of her characters, and all will see just a plain old, fun story to read.

The only disappointing thing I found about this book was that it ends! I already want more, and Goodwin clearly has more to tell us. This author is definitely a “must watch” for anyone who craves a good story that they can sink in to.

I recommend starting this book when you have a few days to just read, because you will have a difficult time putting it down once you start. Goodwin has created a world where the reader gets drawn in, wanting to see and know more and more about the people and places as they read on.


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