Writing and release updates

I honestly have mixed feelings about the news I’m going to share today. I’d sincerely hoped that I’d have a release date for Fire Blessed by the end of February … but I don’t. 😥 All I have is the same thing I’ve said for months now: soon.

At least this time, soon is a lot closer than it used to be. I’m 99.9% certain that all the major revisions have been completed, including major plot and character issues. At this point I’m basically just waiting on my line edits (because I know my punctuation sucks). Well, and maybe just one more read through from my beta readers–you know, to make sure the changes pass quality standards and stuff. 😀

So what am I doing while I wait for my editor and beta readers? I’ve done a bit of formatting, started work on the ebook file, ordered another proof copy to look for errors … and I’ve started the next book in the series. XD

It’s actually a relief to finally be able to move forward with the story; I’ve been obsessed with the events of Fire Blessed, the characters and their interactions, my developing villain, and a hundred other things. I didn’t let myself dwell on ‘what comes next’ much, because I wanted to get the current stuff right. As close to perfect as possible. Yet, as obsessed as I was (am), I had still this suppressed excitement whenever I let myself think about what I had planned, or I’d be ridiculously giddy whenever I’d work on my little teasers that would lay the foundation for BIG THINGS TO COME (emphasis mine).

Now? I actually get to work on those BIG THINGS TO COME. I’m just not going to tell anyone what they are yet. >:D You’ll just have to wait and see!

In other news, my one year anniversary for UnBlessed is coming up in the next week. It’s hard to believe I’ve had a book out for an entire year! I plan on hosting a giveaway on Goodreads before Fire Blessed goes live, possibly soon, but I’ve been a little torn. My second book is leaps and bounds better than the first … and I’ve wondered if I should take some time to give UnBlessed a little TLC. My original plan was to finish the series before going back, but does it make sense to build on a weak foundation? :/

What do all of you think? As a reader, would you want every book in a series to have the same level of detail and quality? Does it matter if a debut book in a series is a little unpolished compared to the others? What about my fellow authors out there: is revising a previously published work a good idea or bad? Would you finish the series first, or make sure you have a strong, compelling foundation to build on?

13 thoughts on “Writing and release updates

  1. Hummm. Great questions. I have a friend who has a series and he just forged ahead with every next book. Meanwhile complaints were coming in about the others in his reviews, even though they were selling well. He started pulling them down and making corrections, but the damage had been done, and he can’t change those reviews. (Plus, he was making some of them worse trying to make corrections after-the-fact.)

    My debut has a lot of flaws. It is what it is, but it’s a stand alone book. I have thoughts about taking it down, even though it has some great reviews. I decided against it, at least for now. I think it demonstrates my potential.

    With the little crime fiction/adventure stories I am slowly working on (the first took forty days to write and a year to properly edit), I have decided to NOT publish until I have three or four in the series complete, so I can check for consistency in style and facts before releasing to the public. That means I have to wait. (And I’m not getting any younger.)

    But my writing IS getting better. I can see it in my newest project, which is also a stand alone. It’s OH SO HARD though, the waiting.

    • Thanks for sharing! The idea of waiting to publish makes a lot of sense, which makes me think this delay for my second book might be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps I should see how far I can get on the new book while waiting on feedback …
      I know that we, as writers, improve the more we write. It’s normal. I’m just worried that my *improvement* is a result of extra time and attention … stuff that I should have done the first time around.

  2. It’s really hard for me to go back and read my own books. ALL I see are the errors. I agree with Susan–well, not the part about flaws in her terrific book–that it’s much better to move forward, even with all the waiting.

    (And on that note, please let me know if you’re looking for reviewers!)

    • Well, from what I’ve read, being extremely critical of your own work is normal for an author. Some of my favorites refuse to read their books after publication! I admit, I don’t quite get that … After all, I’m writing a story that I wanted to READ.

      And I’m always looking for reviewers, hehe. 😉

  3. I think, #1 you need to market more. I had no idea you’d published UnBlessed before you told me. 😛 But, as far as revising it while you still have Fire Blessed in the works, I think you should go for it.

    I did the same thing with my first novel – twice! (once for format issues and a second time for small content tweaks that really gave the story more legs to stand on in the long run) – and I don’t regret it a bit.

    Better to set your best foot forward sooner rather than later. And by revising the original before the sequel comes out, you create a marketing opportunity: “HEAR YE all who read and loved UnBlessed are now entitled to the sexy new edition FO FREE YES?” May not generate revenue, but it definitely will generate exposure. Especially if you go with the giveaway after all.

    I actually made a video all about this when I went through it for myself. I also know a handful of others who’ve done/who’re doin’ the same.

  4. First of all, congratulations on getting even closer to finished on your second book. As for the first, yes, I’d go back and polish that one before moving on, and here’s why: When you pick up any new sales, you want them to want to read the next book(s) in the series, and if book one is not the best it can be, that might be the thing that makes them shop for a different author and not give your next one(s) a chance. That said, I definitely understand your desire to get on to new projects! 😀 Good luck! 🙂

  5. I plan to revise my older books soon too. I think as indie authors, we have the chance to update our previous works as we learn and gather new skills.

    But in all honesty, I think as long as the writing is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s not on par with later works. Most people understand that authors evolve and improve the more they write.

    I think Terry Pratchett once said he never likes people reading his first books as he thinks they’re awful 😀

    Though I’m kinda glad to hear Fire Blessed is held back a bit, will give me chance to read Unblessed, which I’m really looking forward to! 🙂

  6. The first book is pretty damn good in its own right. Although your writing definitely improved in the second book, I’m reluctant to suggest revising the first. What you achieved there was original. Changing it may very well ruin what made it so special. The decision is yours, but I’d hate to see you look back at all of your old books and want to change them.

    It’s only natural to read through your old work and hate it. Over time, your style evolves, and just because we change as writers, it doesn’t necessarily mean our old work is “bad.”

    You’ve done so great to bring the series so far.

    • *beams* Aww, thanks! I know it’s normal to be overly critical of older works, which is why I’m so torn about doing anything about it. Granted, my only major change I wanted to make was to strengthen the first chapter and make it more attention grabbing – the rest I just want to fine tune grammar and word choice (I don’t even want to think of how many ‘frowns’ or ‘blinks of confusion’ might be in there …).
      *shrug* I can always mess with it a little and get a second opinion before I make it live. Or I can just focus in book three. 😉

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