Reading Wednesday – Book review: Spark Rising

  • Title: Spark Rising by Kate Corcino
  • Genre: Dystopian Romance

Sometimes, a single spark is enough to ignite a revolution.

Lena Gracey is a young woman with a secret. She avoids the relo-cities that are all that is left of society after the cataclysm that destroyed fossil fuels two hundred years ago. Fiercely independent, all Lena wants is peace and a space to call her own.

Unfortunately, her very existence makes it impossible.

First of all, let me say that I have been sitting and mulling over this review for over a month now. In fact, I suspect it’s be closer to two months. Why so long? I don’t really know, except I really want to make this review count. I don’t really know why, but this work spoke to me. I am not an analytical reader at all – I read for pure enjoyment – but something about how this was written, knowing that it was the author’s debut work … I found myself awed at how the story, the world, the characters – all just came together.

That isn’t to say one can’t just read and enjoy. The writing was smooth and easy to get lost in, and the author unfolded the world perfectly – feeding the reader just enough information to keep them begging for more. While I listed the story as dystopian (because it certainly fits that genre), I also feel that it has a very strong science fiction flavor. With magic. Science based magic, which in my opinion, is the best kind. Oh, and romance. Sort of. Actually, it was more passion than romance, but hey, tomato, tomahto, right?

So what exactly is the story about, you ask? It’s the story of a young woman who has a powerful gift the government wants to exploit. It’s the story of the man who was sent to bring her in – and who risks everything to hide and protect her instead. It’s the story of how the two of them slowly uncover the secrets and horrors the government has hidden, and the beginning of a revolution.

Now for the typical disclaimers. This book is fairly dark. There is violence, murder, and death. There are references to rape and child abuse. There are a few sex scenes – all consensual. Pretty steamy, too. Also, because I gushed praise, I should probably mention that there were a few sections that didn’t quite make sense to me; although, I’m pretty sure those will be answered in future installments of the series. There were also a few developments that seemed to just pop in out of nowhere, but none of them really bothered me enough to write them down.

Basically, this was a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and I plan on purchasing the following books in the series. I’ve already picked up and read Ignition Point – which is a collection of short stories featuring important characters from the novel. (I highly recommend that one, too.) Honestly, I think this book has something to appeal to most people, but I’d highly recommend it to fans of dystopian society, romance, and/or science fiction.


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