January recap

Good grief, where does the time go? February? Already?! And I still don’t have book two ready to publish – though it’s close. Very, very close. >:D

I do have to admit, I’m extremely proud of myself. This year is the first year I’ve actually stuck with my resolutions – hell, it’s the first year I’ve ever gone past just making the resolution. I’m all talk, no walk.

Well, not this year!

Yoga is going well. I do a thirty minute session every other day, and Friday I even managed to go up a level in difficulty. I thought I was gonna die, but I did it! Now if I can just get my arms to stop aching …

Reading is also on track. As some of you might recall, I’m aiming to read 65 books this year. I finished off my Rachel Morgan series – I still can’t believe it’s over for good – and I’m on book two of another series. Total books read in January? Five. Not bad, but not phenomenal, either.

Granted, the reading is a little low because I’ve been putting so much time into Fire Blessed. I’m on revision number three – if I’m lucky, I’ll only have the final edit after this! As long as no big surprises show up, I should have the book ready sometime this month. I’d love a Valentine’s release, but I’m not going to hold my breath for that one. I’ll be happy just getting it done before the anniversary of book one – which is March 2nd. 😀

I’m even managing to stick to my weekly posts – though I cut it pretty close at times. I didn’t write a book review last month either. Crap. Well, at least I’m trying. 🙂

7 thoughts on “January recap

    • I don’t think I could live without reading, and writing is becoming a very close second. I’ve never had a problem keeping the worlds I read about separate from each other, and from mine. I do occasionally have the creative daydream where I mess with another person’s characters and world, but it doesn’t spill into my writing. At least, it hasn’t yet.

    • Well … I wouldn’t say I have a good routine – I still procrastinate a lot. But some progress is better than no progress, right? You’ll get there. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes – you’ve written some really good books in the last year. Books. Plural. I’m still sitting at one.
      Well. One and a half.

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