Monday Update – Including the inside scoop for my #ReadTuesday deals

Happy second week of December!

I’ll start with the most obvious news: I’ve been trying to help spread the news for #ReadTuesday – a Black Friday/Cyber Monday type event that focuses solely on discounted books. I’ve reblogged the catalog and the ThunderClap links – but I thought I’d give you guys advance notice regarding my personal deals for Read Tuesday.

My debut novel, UnBlessed, has two separate offers available. The first is only available through Amazon: as a kindle Matchbook title. What does this mean? You can purchase the paperback copy of UnBlessed through Amazon and get a free kindle copy. So you can either get the paperback as a gift for a friend and keep the kindle copy for yourself – or you can do like I do and have the shiny new paperback for your bookshelf and have the kindle version for travel reading. You might even be able to gift the kindle copy – but I’m not 100% sure on that. Besides, you want to read my book, too. Didn’t you? 🙂

The second offer is only available through my personal e-store. If you visit between now and December 13th, use the discount code JEAJ8AKC to get 40% off the list price of $12.95! You read that right folks, 40% off – not a bad deal. And note: I said you could visit now – the code is up and working. So if you just can’t wait until tomorrow, jump on over to and get your copy today!

Okay, enough marketing for today. Well, almost. I also want to let you guys know this is a great time to pick up the first volume of my series – especially since book two is making steady progress to publication. In fact, I got my proof copy of Fire Blessed on Saturday, and I’ve been hard at work combing through for obvious typos and scrutinizing the cover color (I think it might be too bright – but then again, it looks good that way). There have been a few sections I have to re-write and tighten to make better sense, but other than that things have been moving smoothly. If everything goes well, I should have it ready before the end of the year!

Stay tuned for the cover reveal … as soon as I decide if the color is right or not.


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