It’s December already?!

Good grief, where does the time go? Only twenty-three days left for Christmas shopping, one week until the much-anticipated (for me, at least) Read Tuesday event, and somehow the entire month of November managed to pass me by without giving me a chance to make much progress on my new title.

Yeah, Nanowrimo was a flop for me this year. I didn’t even break 5k – not that I’m terribly worried about it. After all, I had just finished writing a 100k manuscript shortly before Nano (more about that in a minute) and quite frankly, I write for fun. No reason I can’t take a break for awhile. Besides, the new expansion for Warcraft isΒ amazing. Heh.

Luckily, I was so distracted with my new game, I was able to leaveΒ Fire Blessed completely alone for the entire month of November and managed to let my beta readers read in peace. For the most part.

Now I get to dive back into the book in preparation for release. There should be a cover reveal in the next few weeks (*knocks on wood*), a few pre-release samples, and maybe even a giveaway or two! (These would be featured on Goodreads, but I’ll definitely have them linked to the blog.)

Granted, I might end up stretching my whole release schedule to take placeΒ after the holidays – I didn’t think everything through when I said I wanted to publish by Christmas. I’ll be lucky if I have a fully edited copy by then – let alone printed proofs. *shrug* Oh well. I’ll keep everyone posted, for sure.


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