Meet the Authors #ReadTuesday (a Black Friday type of event just for #Books)

I know it’s a little late – but check me out on the Meet the Authors page of Read Tuesday! Of course, my comments sounded a little on the random side …
All I have to say is it sounded funnier with the questions included. =P




Here is your chance to meet some of the authors who have already pre-registered for Read Tuesday—it’s like a Black Friday just for books on December 9, 2014. (Mark your calendar.)

This new page on the Read Tuesday website features Read Tuesday authors, including photos and brief descriptions. (This year, it isn’t a Pinterest page, although we might make one of those, too, as it looked nice last year.)

Want to learn more about any of the authors? Click on the link to visit the author’s site.

Authors: Please check your info. If the photo is missing, it’s probably because the link needs to end with .png or .jpeg. Leave a comment or use the Contact Us option and we can try to find a solution. If you’d like to make any changes (e.g. if the “witty” remark question didn’t come out right), let us know.

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