Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Echoes in the Darkness

  • Title: Echoes in the Darkness by Jane Godman
  • Genre: Gothic Romance

Everyone has secrets. Some just have darker secrets than others … Dita Varga knows this all too well, having secrets of her own. But when circumstances force her to flee from the looming danger of her past, she encounters a family whose twisted puzzles hide a darkness far worse than anything she’s encountered before. Can she solve the riddle of the Jago family’s past before coming face-to-face with a demon?

Echoes in the Darkness is a wonderfully light read, which I know sounds like an odd thing to say about a gothic romance – but it’s true. The story unfolds beautifully, starting literally on the very first page when the main character finds a naked stranger in her apartment. Talk about hooking the reader! The author also sprinkles in intriguing glimpses into the mystery of Dita Varga’s past, making the reader want to know more. These glimpses weave seamlessly into a full blown mystery, not only about the identity of the serial killer mutilating women, but about the hidden past of the Jago family. I found the story to be completely gripping – especially since I only meant to read the first few chapters and ended up finishing at 1am because I just had to know who the killer was. Always a sign of a good book, in my opinion.

A few disclaimers – there are some mild expletives in this novel, as well as a few sex scenes. (Well, it is a romance, people.) There are also a few slightly gory parts as the bodies of victims are discovered throughout the story. Finally (and this was my only real complaint, if you’d call it that) there isn’t a definite time period in the story as far as I can tell. I assumed it was close to a historical/regency era, since the Jago family is an Earldom, but some of the descriptions felt a little off. That said, there wasn’t anything jarring – like race cars or motor boats – just a lot of ambiguity. Which might have been the author’s intent – as it made the mystery part of the novel even more compelling.

Recommended for any romance reader, the mystery buff, or anyone wanting to try a mild thriller.

Lastly – I’m a proud member of Rosie’s book review team – even though I forget to post when I’m supposed to. >.<


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