Awesome help for writers and readers

Earlier this week, one of my favorite bloggers, Rosie Amber, posted an extremely helpful (and thought-provoking) article for writers. Titled #Free Help for #Authors, it explains how book bloggers can help authors promote their books, the role Twitter can play in promoting your book, and general good advice for writers everywhere. Everything about the post appealed to me as an author, and I wanted to take a moment to share it with all my fellow writers out there.

But wait – it gets better.

She then posted a follow-up piece that is helpful to writers and book bloggers alike. #Free help for #Authors Post 2: Let’s Talk Some More delves into how to approach your local friendly book blogger for a possible review. While some of her experiences made me chuckle, it also broke my heart to hear how some of these wonderful people are treated. Which is why I want my book bloggers to read this post, too. If you review books by request, please don’t let authors bully you! You provide a valuable, helpful resourceย for free –ย the least you deserve is for writers to respect your genre preference or to follow your submission guidelines.

If you haven’t already, I also recommend book readers and writers alike to look over Rosie’s site. She showcases a wide variety of books, hosts author interviews, and even has a book review team (which I’m proud to say I’m a member of – though I keep forgetting to put my badge on my posts … =/ Sorry Rosie!)


3 thoughts on “Awesome help for writers and readers

  1. Rosie’s site is cool thanks for introducing. I never let authors bully me, if i like a book i will say so if i don’t then I won’t review it. I do respect authors though, and all the time and hard work they put into creating a novel. It goes both ways. ๐Ÿ™‚

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