Madly Typing Friday – The Battle

I know, I know. The title of this post is probably going to be a major letdown for some of you – but let me explain.

I find myself in the middle of quite a few battles at the moment, actually. One, of course, is the battle of words. I know what I want to happen for the rest of book two, but getting the actual words out is a struggle. That leads to the next battle – against myself and my frustration. I don’t really know why I’m pushing myself, except I had hoped to have the next book out by now. It’s not like I haven’t had a ton of life events thrown at me in just the last four months. Let’s see, I packed up an entire house and moved to another state, had a week long visit with out-of-state family for my brother’s graduation, flew to England for nearly a month for my sister-in-law’s wedding … Oh, and don’t forget the minor details of moving to another state – like finding a new job and learning where everything is. Yet, for some reason, I feel guilty for wanting to read a book on my birthday instead of working on mine.

To make matters even more frustrating, I find myself fighting a battle – regarding how to write a battle. Not just any old battle scene, but a magical fight. How on earth am I supposed to describe an intense, mind-blowing, captivating fight scene when the combatants use fire and ice? I mean, I can picture it, but how do I describe it? Especially with my magic – it’s not like they wave wands or chant incantations. Which is probably a good thing: it frees the action up for, well – action. If I can just figure out how to write it.

Any suggestions on books with well-written magical fights? Other than Harry Potter – I’ve already gone through that one.


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