Monday Briefing – 9/8/14

Happy Monday! I know, I know – happy and Monday are two words that shouldn’t ever be put together. It’s been a decent start for my week though, with a nice six hour shift today and the next two days off! Granted, Sunday is probably going to suck as a karma payback, but oh well.

Last week was a pretty typical week in that I met my blog posting goals but missed my word count for Fire Blessed. Again. I only have myself to blame – I should know better than to start a new anime series before I’ve written my quota for the day.

Goals for this week:

  • Reading: I browsed the library website last week and got entirely too excited at the selection available for kindle borrows alone. Decided to focus on a few of the books I already have lying around instead of going berserk at a new library. I should have at least one new book finished this week, possibly even two.
  • Writing: Trying out a new approach – instead of a weekly goal, I’m going to set a daily goal of 1,000 words. And that’s to be finished before any movies, games, reading – I won’t even allow myself to blog until I’ve met my quota. This is because I’m fully aware I have a procrastination problem. Time to see if I can break it.
  • Personal: Friday is my birthday! Woohoo! I have to work though. Boo. Thinking about getting a half dozen cake balls from one of our local bakeries – otherwise I’ll probably get myself a pecan tart at work. 🙂

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