Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Nefertiti’s Heart

  • Title: Nefertiti’s Heart by A.W. Exley
  • Genre: Steampunk Romance

Cara Devon’s life just turned very complicated. First, her estranged father dies mysteriously, leaving his collection of priceless antiques to her. Then, when she tries selling them off, she attracts the attention of the notorious crime lord, Viscount Nathaniel Lyons. Even worse, young noble ladies like herself are turning up dead of broken hearts – literally. And Her Majesty’s Enforcers think the serial killer is somehow connected to Cara.

Oh. My. Goodness. There are a few things that caught my eye when I was browsing Amazon and found this book. First was the Egyptian reference in the title. I adore Egypt, and for those who may not know – Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen. Then, I saw it’s a steampunk novel set in Regency England. I enjoy the steampunk culture and have a few costumes that I like wearing, but I haven’t read many steampunk books. Oh, did I mention it’s basically a Regency romance? My favorite type of historical romance.

With so many of my interests stuffed into one book, I knew that I would find it entertaining at the very least. Luckily, it turned out to be a fantastic read! I loved Cara’s character – I laughed out loud at some of her antics. There was a hefty dose of mystery trying to figure out who the killer is – I’ll admit I almost lost my temper at one point because of who I thought it was, but luckily I was wrong. The tantalizing hints, clues, and red herrings kept me glued to the book until it was finished. I also thoroughly enjoyed the romantic aspects of the book – the hero was simply delicious.

The only complaint I have is regarding the slightly odd, almost paranormal, aspect the ending had. I liked it – don’t get me wrong! It just felt like it didn’t quite fit, somehow. I could see where it might turn off a hard-core steampunk or historical romance fan. I’m not hard-core anything, really, but I thought I’d put that disclaimer out there for those who are. And while I’m on the subject of disclaimers, parents beware! There are also a few gory scenes, some violence (including rape), as well as sex scenes that are typical in a romance. Specifically, the descriptions surrounding the broken hearts have the potential to set off a weak stomach – I’m not normally squeamish, but even I cringed with those. In a good way, of course.

In conclusion, if you enjoy mysteries, thrillers, romance, and/or steampunk – this book is for you!


5 thoughts on “Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Nefertiti’s Heart

  1. Great review for one of my favorite series! I loved the strong supporting characters, plus that cover is so absolutely gorgeous you don’t know whether to read the book or just frame it up on your walls.

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