Monday Briefing – 9/1/14

Welcome to the first day of September! I love September – and not just because it’s my birth month. September marks the start of my two favorite times of the year – fall and winter. By the end of the month, the weather should start to cool down (at least, I sure hope it still cools down in Texas) then right around the corner you have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – my three favorite holidays!

Before I recap last week, I would like to offer a heartfelt apology for missing my Friday writing post. I don’t even have an excuse this time – time just slipped away before I could get to it. However, on a brighter note, I managed to meet the rest of my goals! I added a little over 5,000 words to Fire Blessed last week, managed to write two book reviews, updated my reading list with the books I read on vacation, and finally finished all the laundry from the trip. I also got to watch a couple of Disney movies – one of them with the hubby! Can you believe he hadn’t seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame before?

Now for this week:

  • Reading – I just got my Texas library card this Saturday – woo! Time to pick a new book and try to get at least halfway through it. I also need to type up another book review for Wednesday.
  • Writing – I’ve got a good flow going – need to keep up the momentum. I’m aiming for another 5,000 words for Fire Blessed as a minimum. I’m getting sooo close to the end, though. Hoping my excitement might push me through to the finish of draft one!
  • Personal – Not much on the table this week. I want to keep a good balance between work, writing, and my other hobbies so I don’t burn out on anything. In fact, I’ve been itching for some Warcraft time …

Kindle Unlimited Update – I cancelled my service while I was still in my free trial. I like the idea of Unlimited, but there are a few drawbacks for me at this point.

  • A: The books I want aren’t on the service yet.
  • B: now that vacation is over, I probably won’t power through books quite at the speed I did this month. (Though, I suppose I could.)
  • C: There is also the fact that I have a ton of books that I’ve purchased waiting to be read; I really don’t need to spend an additional $10 a month until I catch up on those.

On the bright side, if you cancel, the service doesn’t immediately terminate – you get the benefits until the end of your cycle. So I was still able to read my books this last week. After tomorrow, I’ll know how it looks when the service ends.

From a writer standpoint? I’ve sold three kindle books since Unlimited went live. From what I can tell, none of them were borrows (and I know one of them was my husband’s friend from Britain). If and when I find a Kindle Unlimited borrow, you all will be the first to know!


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