Monday Briefing – 8/18/14

Alas, I’ve come to my last week of vacation. Sadly, a few snags before the sister’s wedding prevented the trip to Warwick and Alton Towers, but I got to squeeze in some other sightseeing (Shrewsbury Castle, aka Marius’s palace) and some good reading time. I’m at seven books read so far! πŸ˜€

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and everything went smoothly. I can’t wait to post a few of the pictures – since my husband acted as their photographer I’ll get to see them before anyone else!

Now for the fun bit – my husband had a surprise planned for me. I thought we were in England until the 22nd, but I’m actually in the airport right now. He had been really careful about this particular surprise, too. All I knew was that we were headed back to the States for the last four days of the trip – you’ll never guess what he planned and orchestrated without my knowledge. A four day stay at the Contemporary Resort in Disney World!!!! Complete with deluxe dining, a theme park view to watch the fireworks from my room and pre-reserved dinner reservations!

I honestly have the most thoughtful, loving husband a girl could ask for. I’m now off to let my inner child go wild. See you Friday! πŸ˜€


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