Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Olivia’s Choice

Book review: Olivia’s Choice by Taylor Grace
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Olivia Penny has a problem. She’s been running from her past for years, with decent success – if you ignore the headaches and nightmares. But now she she faces a choice: she can either quit her job or confront her nightmares – literally. What Olivia doesn’t know is that this is only the first choice she’s forced to make …
A fresh new fantasy with a brilliantly developed new world that exists along our own, Olivia’s Choice is a delicious paranormal romance with some steamy scenes you can literally sink your teeth into. The characters are well developed and identifiable – my heart literally broke for Olivia, Klias both terrified and captivated me, and Baphrem … Well, he almost deserved what he received. Poor guy.
The book read fairly quickly, with the perfect balance between romance and good fantasy storytelling. The information introducing you to the unfamiliar races and the new world was provided as needed, without any stuffy backstory. I also loved how the author weaved in the information into the story itself, without resorting to lengthy passages of dialogue ‘explaining’ everything.
In short, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance or a good fantasy. And if you’re like me and enjoy both? Sit back, savor the magic, and cross your fingers for more.
You may notice a new feature starting from now on. To help support my fellow authors, I plan to include links to the author’s blog and to their vendor of choice when available. If I’m unable to contact the author, I’ll simply include a link to Amazon, since that’s my personal default for finding books.
Taylor Grace is a fellow WordPress blogger, and her site can be found here complete with book buying links.
Here’s the Amazon link, just in case you need further encouragement to buy her book:

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